Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Now the blues

I tackled the mess in my other stash cupboard.

It contains the blue yardage, and a lot of neutral floral yardage, most of which I purchased for $2 a metre at a spectacular sale 15 years ago.  I bought everything that was on the bolt, how can you go wrong at that price. 

It doesn't look like much on the shelf, but there was a lot of blue to sort through.

It still doesn't look like much.  I think I need to go shopping for dark and mid blues.

This is so much tidier and easier to access.

That stack in the photo above is all blue florals.  I don't think I need anymore of those.

There were some pieces that have been so nibbled at over the years that they don't deserve to be in the yardage cupboard anymore; these will get filed in with the FQs in drawers.

The yardage will go down to the workroom, to the backing shelves.  None of those prints are likely to be cut up for piecing, but they will be perfect as backings where the big prints will show to advantage.

I'm so gad to have restored order to the fabric stacks.  One major thing that made it easy was setting up a folding table right next to the cupboards. I didn't have to cart the fabric over to a table, sort it and cart it back. NO steps were taken, I could make sense of what I pulled off the shelves straight away and the whole thing took less than an hour each time.  Why didn't I think of that before?


Sandy 7:10 AM  

What beautiful prints ... I would have bought the whole bolt too! Nice to have it all organized.

Bag End Gardener 4:00 AM  

Well done on getting so much straightened up. I am quite staggered with how many fabrics we have in common - it was the same on your “green” post too!

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