Monday, September 28, 2020

A Speedy Finish

I dug through my stash drawers trying to weed out anything that I didn't love, and anything that was so small it got lost amongst the larger pieces.  It was slim pickings.  I've done this many times over the years, and there wasn't a lot of 'blah' fabric left.  I pulled out a few pieces to strip up for the strip drawers, but there was very little that I could use to cut 8.5" squares as I had planned.

I found a big piece of blue that I loved, but it had fade marks all through it, so that was set aside to cut up.  Then I found some backing scraps, and a few pieces that I still liked, but was willing to sacrifice, and started cutting. It took a night to cut it, arrange it and sew it in rows, and then another night to assemble it and find a border fabric.

All in all, it was fairly painless to get this top in one piece, and it cleared out more than 4 metres of fabric.  There are leftover 8.5" squares, of course, and while I was looking for a container to store them in I found a box marked "Scrappy Mountain Majesties", a Bonnie Hunter quilt

Inside were a heap of 8.5" squares and strips from the quilt I made a few years ago, so I added the new ones, and I have the beginnings of another quilt.  I know it's more work to make those blocks, but the squares were a bit boring to sew together.  It will be much more entertaining to make the SMM blocks.


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