Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Quick quilts

 My stash drawers are in chaos, it's really hard for me to find anything that I want straight away.  I'm sick of searching high and low for a single piece of fabric, only to have it turn up in an entirely unexpected place.  It's such a waste of time when I could be sewing or cutting. I'm determined to do something about it over the next few weeks.
  • Sort out the stash drawers properly, label each one.
  • Weed out everything that is a fat eighth or less. Store them in a  wire drawer, for cutting into strips or squares whenever I have time.
  • Go through all the small containers, file that fabric back in the stash drawers.
  • If something needs to be in a small container for a project, label it
  • Re fold and stack all the fabric on the shelves
  • Find a better home for all the shirt materials.
  • Put bolts of fabric back on the shelf neatly.
  • Have a maintenance plan so it doesn't get messy again. Excuse me while I have a bit of a laugh over that.  I never put stuff away properly, that's why I'm in this mess in the first place.  But I can live in hope.

While I'm sorting through the drawers I want to pull out FQs that I don't absolutely love, and make a quick quilt with them.  If I cut each into a 16" square, and sewed them 5 x 5, I would have a top that was 80" square. That would be really painless. or I could cut them into 8" squares, and sew them 7 x 9, like the quilt below, which is 70"x 86". Then I can add borders, and get a big length out of the cupboard as well.

 It would be a really quick way to get some less than treasured fabric out of the drawers, and make room for new stuff. And the offcuts would restock the strip drawers. I'd need more like a metre of most materials, or use different greens and blues.  I'll come up with a plan when I've weeded out more fabric from the stash.

Or I could make some pieced backings the way Bonnie does. I did that about 10 years ago, and I really enjoyed those quilts with virtually another quilt on the back. I donated those quilts, and I sometimes wondered if the recipients chose to use them with the back facing up.  They were pretty.


jude's page 1:21 AM  

Good idea, to get some order, but it does take time, to do that, but at least you have a plan, so good luck with that.

cbott 9:12 AM  

Heh, I sold a quilt based (I'm fairly sure) entirely on the pieced backing: http://cbottsprojects.blogspot.com/2019/08/earning-my-keep.html

I'm sure glad my ego wasn't invested in the rail fence "good" side!

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