Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Stash enhancement trip

At the very start of August Mereth and I planned a little trip to visit our favourite fabric store in Adelaide, Tricia's.  There were some new Covid cases showing up, and we were afraid that there would be another lockdown and we wouldn't be allowed out, so we needed to go while we could.

We went to Tricia's before lunch, and spent hours browsing.  That shop is so crowded, there are stacks of bolts in front of the shelves of fabric, we had to work hard to get some of them out. We made a few purchases, took a heap of photos, then went and had lunch. Over coffee we consulted the photos, decided what we regretted not buying, then went back and topped up the purchases. It was a fun way to shop, no regrets later over something we didn't get.

I debated a long time over these border prints and large florals, but none of them came home with me.  Some of them went home with Mereth though.

Not a bad haul from Tricia's, and I could have bought so much more but I was being a little bit sensible for some reason.
Ah, Neutrals! Can never have too many of these.
This is a pretty random bunch of half metre pieces; no reason behind any of them, they just caught my fancy.
Some more pretties; love that pink.
I got 1.5m of this lovely pale paisley. I think it's from a Christopher Wilson-Tate range.
These should spice up future projects.

There were a few FQs to add to the modern stash.
And two wideback lengths, because I want to get some more quilts on the machine before the end of the year, and having the backing ready to go will help that. I have so many blue and white quilts, I'll have to choose which one I use this for.  The cream text print will go with a number of tops too.

It was a lovely trip, and we enjoyed every bit of it.  There was no uptick in the Covid cases, and no lockdown, so we could do it again if we wanted. Maybe some of those border prints will still be there. Just have to add to the bank balance first....


Sandy 1:43 PM  

Oh what fun! I love those column prints and serpentine stripes you didn’t buy, but I’d have no idea what to do with them anyway. That blue and white backing fabric is so versatile. I had some similar, which I used for several quilt backs, and now I’m out. Dang.

Karen in Breezy Point 9:02 AM  

You definitely had a great time adding to your stash! I do think you need to go back and get some of those border prints though--lol! I love the backing fabrics too--so pretty!

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