Monday, August 01, 2022

Catch Up

6 weeks since my last post. There should be lots of news to catch up on, but unfortunately I've spent those 6 weeks under the weather. The cold that Finn shared with me morphed into the one that Isla brought home from school, and then Thomas added to it with another viral thing from childcare. So I've been pretty unproductive, just trying to wait it out and get better. The physical symptoms are bad enough,but the mental exhaustion leaves me not wanting to do anything at all. Oh well, as Forest Gump says, That's all I'm going to say about that.

I spent a solid 3 weeks with the grandkids, including nearly a week here with Isla, so I felt like I'd earnt some time at home. I'm now into the second week of my staycation, and enjoying it except... Mereth and her son's family caught Covid, so I haven't seen her for more than 2 weeks. She has a cold now, so she's still not game to come visit in case she infects me with a new lot of germs. We talk most days, and text each other, but it would be lovely to have a cup of coffee with friends and catch up.

I did manage to get all the blocks for the Blue Ridge Beauty put together; it's now down at the shop waiting for that last long seam to be ironed. The picture is three quarters of it, taking up most of my design wall.

 I have a border fabric picked, but the sheer size of the quilt is putting me off. I don't want to have to wrestle with that much fabric just yet.

More Maymont blocks have been made. I'm trying really hard to leave this as a cot quilt. I still have heaps of pink scraps, but that just means I could make 2 cot quilts, not one big quilt. It's a lovely leader-ender, so once I'm done with the pink scraps I'll switch over to some other colours. I love squares, so simple, so many patterns.

After the triangles in Blue Ridge Beauty I needed something simple to play with, so I laid some squares out as 49-patch blocks. I love these so far, but I came to the end of the scraps that were suitable for this, so it will have to wait till I have the energy to cut more strips.

There was time spent clearing tables and packing fabric away, and sorting out all the mess that accumulated while I was busy elsewhere. I'm glad I finally put the room to rights, so I could work on my projects, except I don't seem to have done that. I'm just drifting around, not able to settle to anything.

Oh well, a bit of sorting here, a few seams sewed there, it all adds up. 


Rose Marie 7:09 AM  

That is the thing with kids and daycare .... whatever they pick up, you get it too. Hope you feel better soon! All of your projects are lovely!

Gretchen Weaver 10:28 AM  

Sorry you've been under the weather. I hope you can avoid anymore germs but grandchildren love to share which is how my husband and I got covid. Your Blue Ridge Beauty looks lovely, did you make this the same size as the book? It's a big quilt. Don't push yourself to make progress in the sewing room, you need to recover fully. Happy resting!

Chookyblue...... 7:33 PM  

Nice projects on the go..... Take it easy

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