Saturday, August 13, 2022

I got sick of looking at two full containers of 2.5" squares and decided I'd better try using some of them. It's not my favourite size, it seems too big and clunky after I've been working with things like 2" QSTs. But why was I keeping them, if I didn't want to work with them?

I kitted up about 40 of this block, to be my leader-ender. I'm really trying to use everything, so some of the blocks are dingy and random, but it's going to be a scrap quilt, so that's only to be expected. I didn't really have any ideas for what I would do with these blocks, but quite a few ideas have occurred to me along the way.

I thought this might be an option; make large 14" blocks. But That was way too large a scale, so I dropped that idea pretty quick.

This has merits, but it's a 12" block, and I wasn't keen.

I like the idea of a Barn Raising setting, with diagonal lines of scraps around a centre block.

But I also like this idea of an on point setting, with vertical bands of colour.One block isn't oriented the right way; I'd have to be careful to keep it all in the right order.

So now I have lots of options, and things to think about why I go on steadily making the blocks. It will take more than 100, so I have plenty of time before I have to make a final decision. And I could just make more than one, because those boxes of squares are nowhere near empty yet.


Rose Marie 12:45 PM  

Decisions, decisions ..... but your quilts always turn out lovely! Have fun playing!

Gretchen Weaver 11:15 PM  

Whatever you make will be very nice. Have fun!

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