Thursday, April 04, 2024

Progress Report

I seem to have made the UFO situation much worse with my latest efforts to tame the scraps. I suppose I shouldn't call these UFOs, because I've only just started them, but I've added 7 new projects in a matter of weeks. I'm up to 40 projects on my Works In Progress list, and that's making me a bit uneasy. I don't really have the storage for that many projects, but it's been so much fun that I can't regret it, and I really have made a difference to the strip drawers.

The blocks on the ironing mat are 6 of the things I started in February/March alone.

  1. Housetop blocks; I have 26,  need 4 more and I will have enough for a couch quilt. They've been put in a box until I amass some more scraps.          
  2. Log Cabin from 1.25" strips; 36 blocks and counting.  These will be ongoing, I don't have enough strips left for the 120 blocks I want.                                                                                 
  3. Half Log Cabin; 21 blocks and counting. I will need to generate more strips so that I can make the 120 blocks I need for this.                                                            
  4. Antique tiny 9 Patches; 1 finished block, 80 9 Patches. The 1.25" strips I have left aren't suitable for this, so I have started in on the scrap pile to make more 9-patches, using Taryn's strip-piecing instructions.    I will need 1.25" strips for the little setting strips, and I'll have to cut those from yardage when I get to that stage.                       
  5. Disappearing 4Patch; 17 blocks, plus 64 cut out. I think I only need 56 for a quilt, so the extras will be the start of another top. I really like making these blocks, so they will be a go-to stash-buster like the Scrappy Mountain Majesty block.                                   . 
  6. Black and cream chain blocks; 8 finished, more cut out.  Why did I start these? To use up a bunch of black 1.25"strips and some really insipid cream strips. I imagine I'll set these with alternate sampler blocks, and it won't be a big quilt because I'm not cutting more black strips. when they're gone, they're gone.                               

I hardly know which one to concentrate on first, and which to use a leader-ender. Maybe it's time to investigate the project boxes and see if something there grabs my attention. I haven't had a finish for ages.


Gretchen Weaver 1:15 PM  

You have some lovely new projects happening! I think the black and cream chains are my favorite one. Happy stitching!

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