Sunday, August 02, 2009

Last week was just a blur, lots of places to be and appointments to keep. The night away with our DB and SIL was wonderful, a nice little holiday. We had a very nice anniversary dinner at the hotel, but the service was hardly great. After the first course the waiter picked up the plates but put the used cutlery back on the table, saying, 'You'd better hang on to that.' ??? SIL very nicely said 'Oh I think we'll have fresh cutlery for our main meal', and smiled sweetly. So he went off with a bad grace, came back with new sets, and scarpered off without picking up the used knives and forks. Hmmm. SIL gathered it all up and put it on another table, where the waiter came across it in due course, and tutted disapprovingly, with a few black glances in our direction.

It wouldn't have been annoying, except that it was a swanky place, trying very hard to be upper crust. And the waiter obviously thought he was little bit better than his clientele. Never a good attitude. It says a lot that there were more staff than customers. But the food was OK.

After airport duties the next day we popped into Ikea and did our best to shop, but there's something about that place. Mereth and I both get totally overwhelmed by all the stuff, and we just want to go home without having to make any decisions about what to get. One of our friends has the same reaction, and we're planning a joint assault where we can egg each other on. It may not work; we'll probably talk each other into leaving empty-handed.

I did pick up a set of these bathroom organisers; they are good to keep by the sewing machine to corral all the little bits of stuff. There is a cabinet that these fit into, and I may splurge on that one day, if I can ever make a decision; I tried to find them on the website, but I have no idea what they are called. I like the lids to keep out the dust, we have a lot of dust in this town, so a little protection is good.They fit nicely behind my sewing machine, so I can keep spare cotton and needles and gadgets handy.

Over the weekend I was determined to finish the nine-patches, because they were taking up every spare inch of room, so I put on an Inspector Morse DVD and gritted my teeth and began to sew. It took Forever! (Three ninety minute episodes). I still have to do the border, but that can wait a while; I'm a little tired of this particular project. It's used up three pieces of cream fabric from my stash, and lots of the conversationals, so it's been a good stash-buster, even if most of the blocks came from Kaye's stash originally.
And I may have sewn a few of these squares together as leader-enders. I'm liking how it looks so far, but I need to cut More!


pdudgeon 8:24 PM  

LOL, i had to laugh at your waiter story. I think your SIL handled that very well.

love those 9 patches. the conversational prints will make it kind of like an I spy quit. Very interesting and beautiful as well.

Stephanie Newman 10:17 PM  

Gosh the cheek of the waiters...guess you know where not to eat at next time you're in that town.
I have to say how pretty your Nine Patches are and that you must sew, FAST, to have pieced that lot together. Sashes take forever, don't they? Well done you!

sewprimitive karen 12:46 AM  

Wow, some interesting waiter; hope you let the management know. The nine-patch is sooooo appealing, hope you show it when it's quilted.

Kathie 1:54 AM  

absolutely love your nine patch quilt, can't wait to see how you quilt it!
the new quilt is coming a long great!
love all the fabrics ...
may have to try this too

Brenda 4:15 AM  

Love the nine patch quilt. If you are truly over it it could live with me LOL

Quirky 1:53 PM  

I like your organizers - I might have to look into some of those!

The nine-patches looks amazing! Totally worth gritting your teeth!


Gwendie 3:10 PM  

I love your 9 patches and the setting you chose. Really nice job!!!

I like your Ikea organizers because of the lids. I've never been to one of their stores - I've heard 'overwhelming' from several people.

YankeeQuilter 5:16 AM  

My Dh gives me a fixed time limit in Ikea...I tend to wander a bit. Too much stuff! Most of which I do not need...but that organizer is very cute and could keep the cats away from the thread...

The turtle and hare conversation print is one of my all time favorites ...right up there with the cats and goldfish bowl!

woolywoman 9:29 PM  

IKEA can be overwhelming- I alawys try to either look at the catalog or the website first and make a list with the Swedish name of the item. I also make myself notes, such as "twenty inch space next to the cabinet- need something to put towels on". Other wise I just but some fabric and leave!

Sorry about your waiter! The owner of the restaurant might appreciate an email to share your experience- they can't see everything.

Oh, dear, I'm in an advice giving mood! Better quit now!

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