Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My gadgeteering continues unchecked; I don't have to have new fabric from every range, but I do tend to succumb to things that I think might make quilting a bit easier.  Soon after I discovered how much fun the Log Cabin blocks were I decided I would always have a Log Cabin project on the go.  THere are so many variations, like Courthouse Steps, it would take a long time for me to exhaust all the possibilities.  I love the 3/4" finished strips, but cutting them is time consuming, so I purchased a die for the Go cutter. 

It cuts 7 1.25" strips at a time, and with up to 6 layers that means 42 strips in a single pass.  I immediately cut up handfuls of scraps, and it was so much fun,
I had to restrain myself from sending a couple of FQs through too. 
 I'm very happy with it; I got mine from an Australian stockist here but she doesn't have another one listed just yet. 

I've also bought a few speciality rulers too, for when I can drag myself away from the Log Cabin blocks.  I want to make a Flying Geese quilt, but wasn't looking forward to keeping all those units the same size.  These little Bloc Loc trimming guides should make things easy, but I haven't had time to try them yet.  I can usually keep my Geese around about the same size, but I like the idea of rescuing the bodgy ones by trimming them down to size. 

I bought this ruler on a whim, it's to cut different sizes of triangles-in-a-square.
 I haven't had a chance to use this either, but I have a feeling that it will be used to cut a dogtooth border very soon.  I like these units, but I've never had any luck getting mine to stay the right size.  Hopefully this will do the trick.

The Log Cabin blocks are up to 70 completed, and I'm going to make another 10, lay them out on the design wall and see if it should be one quilt or two.  I have had so much fun with them, I really don't want to stop; it will only take an extra 16 blocks to make the two single bed quilts, and I could do that in a weekend.  Decisions, decisions......
I have no idea what my next major project will be, I'm being drawn towards my pink and brown fabrics, but the blues are clamouring for attention too.  Not to mention all the old UFOs that should be tackled.  We are having a family get-together this weekend, so I don't imagine I will get any sewing done at all, which gives me lots of time to think about it and make an informed, rational decision.  Or maybe go off on a tangent and start something unexpected; who knows.

I have four bindings to do before the weekend, 3 on customer quilts and one for my daughter.  That's not going to leave much spare time; I won't ever be bored, there's just too much to do.

Last weekend we went to Telowie beach, and it was the first time we've been there just after high tide.  There was still no water, but the sand was really soggy, and there were puddles quite close to the parking area. There was also a small channel flowing strongly, right at the entrance to the beach; for some inexplicable reason these two teenagers tried to drive their car across it. 

What amazes me is that someone always shows up who is willing to help.  A man in a 4wheel drive pulled them out backwards with a rope, while John and another guy pushed to get those front wheels unstuck.  It would have been easier if the girl driver had realised sooner that she had the hand brake on...sheesh!


Dora, the Quilter 7:22 PM  

I can see how the GO cutter would make log cabin strips so much easier--and that's the perfect strip width.
I love your new tools too. I just did a whole bunch of geese units for a quilt, and this time I just used a couple old triangle rulers.

Jan 10:38 AM  

The GO cutters seemed a bit of an extravagance to me, but now they are intriguing! The BlockLoc is truly and amazing little invention. I'm sure my jaw dropped the first time that I saw one demonstrated.
Enjoy your weekend & your dreams of new quilts to make.

Sandy 10:02 PM  

I'm beginning to think it might be worth getting one of those "go" cutters, just for the strips. I'm starting to get a log cabin itch again, but dread rotary cutting all those strips. Hmmm... birtday coming up... jar of coins to cash in.. maybe I can buy one!

Dawn 9:01 PM  

Fun to see all ten gadgets. I LOVE the block lock rulers. I hope you enjoy yours too!

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