Thursday, July 11, 2013

Progress report

I'm looking forward to the weekend, so I can make some progress on organising the sewing space.  Every time I clean up one area the sewing room gets full of stuff that doesn't have a home.  I want to spend time rationalising things, and making permanent spots for the floating population of various items.  There is rain forecast for the two days, so it will be good to stay inside and work with a clear conscience.

I've been trying to get a good photo of the finished top, but this is the best I can do. Those bright yellow bits in the middle are reallly a deep caramel colour, but you get the idea.

It doesn't have a name yet either, I'll have to invent one for it.  I call the block Double Anvil, but I already have a quilt by that name, so this needs something different.  Now that I have a photo of it I can fold it away and put up the Log Cabin blocks that have languished untouched for over a week.

I'm determined to start something with all my plaids, and I've chosen a simple block that will use big bits and little bits.  I can cut this block with the Accuquilt, which will speed things up a lot.
 To make matters confusing, the EQ name listed is Road To California, which was also the name for the madder blocks, and the two are nothing alike.  Looks like I'll have to come up with a name for this while I'm at it.
I like the way it looks with just the blocks next to each other, but if I use sashing then that will get rid of a length of plaid all in one hit.  I have a lot of plaid.

I've been without internet for nearly 10 days, after the router stopped working.  That necessitated some long convoluted  phonecalls to Telstra, being tranferred from department to department trying to find a solution.  According to them, I can have ADSL at my place, so they are sending a technician out.  The problem I have with that is that I have to sign up for the 24 month period, before they will send a technician out to see it I actually am able to have internet here.  At every step of the way, and every person I talked to, I made sure they made a note on the order that I would be able to cancel the whole thing without penalty if, as was the case last time, they can't really connect me to the net here. 

I have no great hopes, but it's worth the fuss if only it were true, and I could have ADSL-2 here.  That would make my life so much easier.  If I can't get it, I will have to go shopping for another mobile solution to my problems.


Annie 8:32 AM  

Love the border on the quilt in the first pic(double anvil). I've used that border in the past and it always looks wonderful, doesn't it?

Annie in Maine USA

Jan 10:02 AM  

I can't even tell you how much I love this quilt top. It is so gorgeous.

QuiltinLibraryLady 12:30 PM  

Lovely quilt.

As far as your Internet problems go, I'd be wary. The note should be that service must be "adequate" for YOUR needs, otherwise you can cancel without penalty. If you are on the fringes of the service you might be able to get the service but it might be slower than dial-up.

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