Sunday, January 01, 2006

The end of the first day of 2006 is coming to a close, and I have been productive. I have made 120 half-square triangles, tidied up my magazines, treated myself to afternoon tea with my good china and created a blog. I have been meaning to for ages, as so many of my talented friends are dedicated bloggers and it looks like fun. I'm hoping it will make me a bit more disciplined in recording my days, and keep me in contact with the world out there.

I am an identical twin; my sister Meredith lives 2200 km away. We are both completely dedicated to quilting, which is a great thing to share. We shop for each other's stashes, share plans for all our projects and often make the same pattern at the same time, just to see how different the quilts turn out. And whenever someone in our family tries to make us see that quilting isn't everything we commiserate with each other. It's not everything, but it certainly makes life more fun.

I have been with my DH for 28 years, have an 18yo daughter and a 17yo son. We have 4 cats, who will show up in future posts. With all the wonders of digital photography it seems the only subject the whole family likes is the cats; we must have a thousand photos of them being adorable or dreadfully bad. Or yawning or sleeping or hiding or breathing. One day we'll move on to actually photographing humans...

Time to shut down the computer and go upstairs to do some hand sewing and watch TV. My DH is away, and the remote is Mine!! That never happens, so I intend to make the most of it. Watched 3 Harry Potter DVDs last night while counting down to midnight and the start of 2006.


The Calico Cat 7:23 AM  

I forgot to ask, where in Queensland are you? I'll be in the Cairns area for a few days in May...

I have a list of local quilt shops there....

Where is your sister (closer to Sydney or Melbourne - my other two stops)? I need a list of shops near there......

quiltcontemplation blogspot 8:02 AM  

Hi K
Thanks for posting yr blog on stashbusters
I am just beginning to blog and It is so cool i amy nevr leave my keyboard-that could become a problem no?
ave a resured cat from the dark side!!His name is Basil and he is seven yo tiger. Loves to bite the hand that pets him!!

quiltcontemplation blogspot 8:03 AM  

ps sorry I am a miserable typist!!shouls say rescued cat!!

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