Saturday, January 21, 2006

I've been hearing all about Mile-a-Minute quilts lately, and I remembered an antique quilt I saw in a booth at a show; it's the same sort of concept, but a bit like an endless log cabin block. The size of the pieces is amazing. I love the colours, but I'm not sure I could re-create it without going for something a bit brighter.

And a close up... the strips were about 3/4"wide. I know I couldn'd do it randomly, I would try and make a pattern and that would destroy the effect. I think I'll just enjoy the picture.

I'm working hard on finalising new releases for this year, and I'm not enjoying it one bit. I don't know if I ever do. I hate deadlines and obligations, but there is no choice; other people are waiting for me to finish so that they can start their work on the designs, so I just have to be adult and work away. But my Inner Child is lying on the floor kicking her heels and screaming ""

I wish she'd shut up and let me get on with it..


Bonnie K. Hunter 12:44 PM  

Ooohooohooohh!! This quilt has me hyperventilating! I love funky quilts like this, the wonkier the better, the more they "use up odd stuff" the better! My friend lucy posted a pic of something fun you should check out on her blog! Scroll down to weds, Jan 11th!


Tonya Ricucci 2:57 AM  

Ditto to what Bonnie said. Gorgeous, wild quilt. Wish I could see it in person.

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