Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I could've done without this...

Yesterday I noticed the ceiling above my computer was discoloured and sagging; hmmmm. Whatever could it be? Oh, I know! It's a termite nest of course. We got the Pest Control man around straight away, and it's all taken care of, except that the nest has to be left for a week so the poison can kill all the little blighters.

So now my sewing room/office is a shambles of furniture shoved out of the way and tarpaulins and my beautiful ceiling ruined. I waited 15 years for that ceiling, and it's only been finished for 12 months and now it's going to have to be torn down and redone. DH and I put the sheeting
up and painted it ourselves, and it took me weeks to get over it, it was so exhausting in the heat. And now we'll have to do it again, except that this time the room is full of furniture and office equipment. AAARRRGGHHH!!

I was happily working on an old UFO, pinned to the noticeboard. It uses strips no wider than 1 1/4" and is about 5 years old; I abandoned it because I was convinced it was ugly. Then I became obsessed with scraps again, and started thinking it wasn't so bad. It's sort of like a glorified Hatchet block, or Kansas Dugout, and I'm string-piecing the centre bit onto a fine interfacing.

I'm finishing it so I can hang it on the big, bare wall behind the TV, so that when something boring is on I can muse upon my quilt instead.

I am so over TV. Or rather DH's taste in programs. I will scream if I have to sit through anything to do with the Hindenberg disaster again, or Hitler, or the land speed record, or monster machines, or rebuilding old cars. Please let's watch Antiques Roadshow, or Animal Rescue, or Herbie Goes To Holllywood, or anything!!!!

I'm stressed, and I can't even get near my machine to sew....sob

We had good news this week; both my kids have been offered Uni places; the bad news? Neither of them want to take them. I may have to bang my head or theirs against a wall....


quiltcontemplation blogspot 7:12 PM  

So sorry about your room. Your quilt is beautiful tho! Maybe you can do some hand work?
Your dh watches the same stations as mine.
Hang in there!

Anonymous,  10:25 PM  

What a lovely quilt! I especially like the dark borders round the hatchets. Bummer about your ceiling - I reckon this situation calls for one of those gigantic chocolate bars and donuts and cream cakes and pizza and and and ......

Cher 10:40 PM  

wow- some termite problem! glad you got it fixed without further damage - imagining them falling on your machine while you were quilting?!! seems like it calls for a relocation and a new quilt!
hope the time goes by fast-Cher

Bonnie K. Hunter 9:04 AM  

Hey Keryn! I didn't know you had a blog until I caught your post on stashbusters! I'm sorry about the termite problem, but I love the string hatchets quilt. Just keep going on it...I think you will find something to do in the border that will tie it all together!


molly 10:43 AM  

....or football, or golf, or soccer,or cooking shows without end....

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