Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Erk, another day of computer work, but at least I am making progress. It's some small comfort. I am spending time in my sewing room, but no sewing is taking place. I make my pattern packs in the sewing room, so I labour away at my cutting table, folding paper and stuffing plastic bags, in plain sight of my sewing machine and all my material. It's a form of torture.

The quilts that came home with me are these: a machine quilted version of a French vanne, all done with a walking foot so even a beginner can do it. It's a nice workshop that I teach, involving using a striped fabric to do the border with easy mitred corners, and then simple, simple quilting to finish off. This photo is taken on my deck, where I let the quilt hang for a day or two after spraying it with water to get rid of the crease marks from being folded up for so long. I like my quilts stored flat on a bed, with minimal folding.

Then there's this one, which I have posted before; it's the mate to my son's quilt, and I think I will have to make him use this one and give the other a rest. Every night of the year he sleeps wrapped in it, I seriously think he will wear it out.

And a woven sort of pattern that I copied from an old quilt I saw on Ebay about 6 years ago. Lots of quilting in that one, using a pattern from my Simply Sashes pack. I have the urge to do this in random scraps, which was why I was about to start looking for it. It's not like my luck to find it BEFORE I started looking.....

New blogger doesn't handle photos any better does it? Why ask for the formatting when they end up all over the place anyway? Hmphh.. I have made them smaller to make them behave a bit better, but if you click on them you can see more detail.

And lastly a photo of Bob, looking serene. He's a different kitty than the one who showed up nearly starved to death 2 years ago. He's still slightly neurotic, but he has his eating disorder under control (he used to eat whenever he was anxious) and is much more laid back now. He is my favourite cat out of the bunch, a real gentleman, but with a playful streak too. I wish I'd known him as a kitten.


Helen 12:09 AM  

I like the blue quilt that is mate to your son's quilt. Nice placement of mediums and darks.

mereth 12:13 AM  

I can't remember seeing the quilting on the woven 4-patch, it looks lovely. And Bob's a sweetie.

His Office, My Studio 7:33 AM  

Great Quilts! Bob looks like he is a king.

meggie 3:02 PM  

Lovely lovely quilts Keryn!
And I just adore Bob. He makes me want to have another cat!

Anonymous,  9:47 PM  

I like all three quilts, but my favourite would be the blue one. Bob has a lovely face.

molly 7:18 AM  

Stopped by to drool....lovely quilts, as usual! And what a handsome fellow Bob is. Your coffee story made me laugh. and oh! How often have I heard your son's refrain....

Shelina 9:14 AM  

Keryn, all of these quilts are lovely. I really like a nice border fabric which does all the work so I don't have to.
The blue is nice and colorful and mesmerizing.
the four patch looks multidimensional. I like optical illusions like that.

Shelina 9:26 AM  

I couldn't post the comment on the appropriate post, so I'll post it here. I really like the hexagon quilt, and its story. So glad it isn't a white elephant anymore.

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