Friday, January 26, 2007

It's Australia Day today. The photo is of a little badge that I take with me whenever I go overseas. It's nice to wear the Aussie flag and declare who you are., though I have been mistaken for everything from English to Canadian to NewZealander to Dutch. Hmmmm.... I do have a sort of Pommie accent because I'm a South Australian and we tork posher than the rest of Orstrailya.

We spent the day watching the cricket, Aussies versus the Poms. Honest to goodness, sometimes I just want to shake those English guys until they rattle. They invented the game of cricket for heaven's sakes, they at least could try a bit harder.

I finally managed to sew a paltry three blocks pf my new project together, made from scraps from my other projects. I just can't seem to get to the sewing machine, I have so many other things to do. My colour printer decided it wouldn't do yellow anymore, which left me with some very strange looking prints, so I had to go shopping for a new printer. Of course the new one takes up most of the desk, and the cartridges are nearly twice the price, and there's five of them instead of four... I wish my old printer would co-operate, it was so cheap and easy. Never mind, the new one makes very, very nice prints and I will print out a lot of family photos just because I got a block of 6"x4" photo paper with the printer.

The nine-patch quilt is one of the tops I took to Kaye's to quilt, and it's next on the binding list. I like how the quilting adds movement to the pattern, and I used a cotton batting so it will crinkle up nicely when I wash it. I have made a vow to make smaller quilts in future, 60" maximum. We'll see how I stick to that in the coming months. All I know is that I have a room full of really big quilts, and I don't need any more right now.


Unknown 6:09 AM  

I reckon there's probably more than one or two people this side of the globe want to shake the English cricket team firmly by the nexk too :o)

Anonymous,  4:02 PM  

I agree with the SA accent being posher - we moved from SA to Queensland and sometimes the way the kids now talk makes my ears bleed LOL. Great quilts by the way - I like the curves on the 9-patch too and I like the contrast of the watermelon pink (or is that just my monitor?).

mereth 7:45 PM  

I love the new blocks, nice and easy but they look a bit special too. Will they have green sashing like this, it's very striking.

That quilting pattern in the alternate blocks would be easy to free motion too, wouldn't it?Put that in the memory file for later...

LuĂ­sa Silva 5:12 AM  

I agree with you. The nine patch quilting is like a flow with a zig-zag moment. Very nice.

meggie 6:49 PM  

Very nice new blocks, & I love the nine patch quilting idea!

I have been trying to sew some of my leftovers too, seeing I have started to sew again!

Helen 1:23 PM  

Very nice badge. We Kiwis get confused with you Aussies too AND we think we "tork posher than Orstrailya" to boot! (vbg)

Helen 2:26 AM  

And Hi again

I have just joined the SCQuilters web ring and I am doing the rounds to introduce myself. But I already subscribe to your blog. I love the Quilt Mavericks - you gals got me started in blog-reading heaven!

Lucy 9:56 AM  

What a great blocks with great colors and GREAT fabrics... I love them !!

Shelina 10:39 AM  

Keryn, I like the block, and especially like the quilt. I agree that the quilting does add a lot of movement and interest. Very nice.

Darlene 11:44 AM  

I've just discovered your incredible blog. I've gone back and read your archive posts - wow you have some awesome quilts. I'll be back often. Now, I'm off to find your sister's blog and your website!

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