Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Here is my Eastern Star that I hand-pieced many years ago. The sashing is a dark, dark red and black print, and all the stars are scrappy and fairly unplanned. Looking at the piccie of Tallulah's on Meredith's blog I see I could have varied the background material too, but it was easier to keep it all the same creamy white.

I started this in about 1996 I think, or maybe even 92. I know it was my Olympic sewing for many a year. I love watching tennis and football (Rugby and Rugby League) and cricket and the Olympics while I sew, and many projects were started specifically for sporting events. Some I just sew on until they are finished, others I work on only while that event is going; the Olympics and Wimbledon especially. It takes a while to finish them, but it means that each time the event comes around I don't have to do a mad scramble to find a project to work on.

I like the variety of different looks possible with this one block, just by arranging the light and dark values differently. The scrappiness was fun too, and the small size of the pattern pieces used up a lot of tiny precious scraps that weren't suitable for much else.

The hand-piecing is very soothing after a difficult day, and noiseless so I don't keep anyone up late at night. It's very satisfying to look over the pieced blocks before I pack up for the night, and feel that something has been achieved.

I will go into details in another post about how Meredith and I prepare our templates and patches. I've had a few private emails asking, and figure it would be a good blog entry.

I am going to have to have a mammoth binding session soon, as I have added another 6 quilts to the pile. I will have to be disciplined and do one a day. Most of the quilts are smallish, so I could just get stuck in and see results fairly quickly. I like how this tile pattern quilt turned out, with a panto called Jacobean on it. This piecing pattern is a traditional Morroccan tile pattern, and I Need to make another one in soft and pretty fabrics. This one is entirely from the scrap drawer and the fabrics are a bit cheesy. I love how the pieced back looks, I'm inspired to keep on stockpiling those 10" squares.


Helen 11:47 PM  

Very nice quilting. Love the back - a great reversible quilt. Also love the front Morroccan tile pattern. It looks a bit like a rail fence with snowball corners.

Anonymous,  1:32 AM  

Your quilt is beautiful and i love the pattern. Scrappy are my favourites !

mereth 2:12 AM  

Your Eastern Stars looks so crisp and neat, very nice. And I remember trying to sketch that tile pattern in the moroccan episode of Ab Fab, it's a graph paper squiggle still. I like all the fabrics from a distance, the effect comes through nicely.

If I remember rightly, the tiles in Ab Fab were blue and white, that would be pretty......

Angie 6:11 AM  

Oh My Goodness, that Eastern Stars is gorgeous!! Such wonderful colors and the piecing looks exquisite!! And your tiles quilt is equally as lovely! I do love scrap quilts! :p

meggie 9:11 PM  

Nice to see you again!
I love both those quilts.
I am too impatient for hand pieced quilts, but have made one, which is still not backed or bound!
Those 10" squares make a wonderful interesting backing, dont they!

Anonymous,  11:47 PM  

The Jacobean panto is gorgeous - and the pieced backs are definitely worth the extra sewing. I don't hand piece - I'm too impatient but I'm getting better at sitting and handquilting :-) Your quilts are always lovely.

Shelina 5:54 PM  

Congratulations on having so many quilts so close to completion! Both of these are so beautiful. You do great work!

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