Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another week has flown past, with so much achieved that I think I need to sit down and do nothing for a whole day to recover. My DS is installed in the red bedroom, and has made it his own, as teenage boys do. That means all his clothes are on the floor and the bed is unmade. And the sitting room is full of guitar equipment while my laptop contains Frank Gambale and Chick Corea music (Jazz I think....) and links to computer warehouses. It's all good though, as he has worked on the big computer and made it behave nicely, and he has learnt to hang up wet towels. We are getting on fine.

The Adelaide show was great, I talked to so many people I nearly lost my voice. Caught up with old friends, and met lots of new ones. I do love catching up with so many people, after my cloistered time in the office and sewing room.

As to what I bought, well you'd expect me to buy this, wouldn't you? It's so pretty!
But this is not my usual style at all. It's a bundle of hand dyes from my friend Lisa Walton, and I fell in love with the marbeled texture and wonderful colours. They are much richer in real life than my computer is showing. I can't wait to cut into them..... Sometimes I get a little bored of only working with reproduction fabric, I just need to be different for a while.

I picked up another machine on Monday, a wide format plotter, which I think I love as much as Miz Millhouse. It prints my pantos on 10' long paper, and we all stood around watching it print and marvelling at it's perfection. I call him Gilbert.

Miz Millhouse has been busy; this is a little checkerboard quilt that I custom quilted, just to see if I remembered how to do it. It stayed on the frame for three days, which is far too long for such a little quilt, but I could only find scraps of time to actually work on it. It's a sweet little thing, and is pinned up on the board where I can admire it as I work. I will try to get some quilts bound this weekend, and this will be first in line.
On the machine now is Mereth's Fancy Bowtie, being quilted with her FeatherMe design. I'll let her show you the closeups of the details. It's a lot of fun to choose patterns and threads, and to watch the machine create the stitching. We're still not sick of watching her at work.


Jenni 4:20 PM  

The quilting is beautiful - how clever you are.

Donna 4:26 PM  

what a cute little checkerboard quilt. You've done some lovely stitching on it :-)

Nola 2:13 AM  

Love the little quilt! And Lisa's fabrics are so delicious.

tirane93 4:06 AM  

what a delightful variation on the bowtie block!

julieQ 7:55 PM  

I sure like that little quilt. The quilting is beautiful and enhances the quilt. Your guys are sure enjoying Miz Millhouse!!


Anonymous,  3:28 AM  

the checkerboard quilt reminds me of chocolate. Love all the work your new statler is doing. Lovely to see what you are up to.
Thanks for sharing.

meggie 12:57 PM  

I looove that little quilt! The quilting is just the icing.
You seem to be having so much fun.

And a son who hangs up towels is not to be sneezed at!!

Quilts And Pieces 11:51 AM  

I"m having the exact same problem right now with a quilt I"m reproducing! I can get a slightly off white, not really cream either, but not white. Or the pattern on the shirtings is way too big. I did find this one - not bright white, but a nice small design with just black...

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