Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's been a quiet day, a bit of sightseeing with Kaye and Bruce, a bit of teaching, a bit of playing on the machine. Mereth has bonded with it nicely, and is free-handing happily, filling up a bit of spare fabric at the bottom of the second quilt.I like more formal designs, whereas she likes to invent organic sort of patterns as she goes along. We have totally different ways of working in that respect.

OOOPS! Looks like it's all been a bit too much for Mereth.....
Actually she's just lying under the frame admiring her stitches from underneath.

Hang on Millhouse, you're in for a ride.


Mary Johnson 8:53 PM  

How exciting for you both. Will this make it easier for you to design your quilting patterns? I'm not familiar with the specifics but I imagine there's a feature on the Statler that allows you to save a design that you've stitched freehand.

sewprimitive karen 12:20 AM  

Love the post. You can save designs you have done freehand? Is this the type with a computer attached?

Nola 1:25 AM  

How fantastic for you two! No stopping you now! Hope you remember to take time off to do ordinary things, like eat and sleep!

Donna 5:44 AM  

how useful to have different quilting styles -- makes you much more versatile as a company :-)

Leah Spencer 9:20 AM  

Oh my! I laughed and laughed and laughed until I cried at the picture of Mereth! Oh my. :)

Now you know where you can hide a body, just gotta have a quilt on the machine at all time! ;)

Anonymous,  3:04 AM  

Great photos, the feet put a smile on my face. You have to get a good look and this looks like the best place.

meggie 2:08 PM  

I burst out laughing at Mereth's legs, then laughed even harder when you told us what she was doing!
Love her organic patterns.
You two are having such great fun.

Anonymous,  6:20 PM  

Mereth... That's a REAL quilter!! Great job!

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