Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I just can't seem to get it together enough to come up with a new blog post. There's too much else demanding my attention just lately. So I figure I'll just show the blocks I'm working on in my spare moments. I kitted these last year sometime, and have 10 made. I ran out of the white shirting, so I need to find a replacement for the next 10 blocks. I would love to be able to buy bolts of white shirting fabric; I have plenty of cream shirtings, but very little white. It's a good excuse to go shopping, but I can't find any online either. Dang!

I'm stalled on the Double Anvil too, the border is being a problem. We have a trip planned to a fabric shop with lovely reproduction lines, so maybe I will find something and can get that top finished. It's been so long since I completed a top that I feel quite cranky. I need to see progress! I've quilted quilts and made bindings, and done a truckload of work, but I seem to measure progress in completed tops only....

Matt rang up the other day and told us to come out and see the tree that fell down near their house. These huge gum trees are nick-named Widow-makers, because of their habit of dropping their branches without warning. He and his mate were luckily nowhere near this when it went down, exploding on impact and sending a cloud of dirt and dust into the air. He said it was quite spectacular. The fallen branch is balanced on this broken bough, which was driven 18" into the ground. The force behind it must have been immense.


MJ in Michigan 11:08 AM  

If you are willing to order from the US, you can find a few shirtings with white background at . I've ordered a lot from them and shipping is usually quite fast.

meggie 3:29 PM  

Oh Gosh, Those trees are so scary! Some fool tried to plant them along the berm, close to our house.
I swear we didn't do it, but someone poisoned them, & they all died. We think it was other neighbours, whose houses would have been in equal danger. But no one is asking!
We note that the planter, sold the house!

YankeeQuilter 3:04 AM  

Seems those trees are aptly nicknamed...very scary!

Shirting fabrics are one of those things you either see everywhere or can't find to save your life! I've used Vintage and Vogue as well as the site mentioned earlier. Good luck. Like the blocks!

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