Thursday, November 08, 2007

This is a quilt that I put together using Bonnie's instructions from her Quiltville website. It doesn't photograph properly, the colours are very rich in real life, but they always look grey on my computer. I quilted it with one of my pantos, Celtic Scroll. The rows of the panto run from top to bottom of the photo, but there is a diagonal line to the overall pattern so that it's hard to see the rows of the panto. That's a good thing. I love this panto on Log Cabins and checkerboard quilts, really breaks up the straight lines of the piecing and gives the quilt movement.

We took another flying trip to Adelaide yesterday, for Mereth's study course and to run business errands for me. It's so hard to leave Miz Millhouse, but lots of other stuff demands precedence right now. There is a big craft show being held in Adelaide, and I will be helping Kaye on the Gammil stand over the weekend.

I will also be collecting my DS from the airport, he's arriving tomorrow for an extended stay. He thinks he's here for a holiday, so I'll break it to him gently that he's going to be working! I hope he's prepared to start straight away, printing and handling orders and getting my computers tuned up. It's hard to get a good tech guy, sometimes you have to breed them yourself. He's come a long way since the days when he put flattened Smartie boxes in the floppy drive slot and then denied all knowledge..... (Smarties are candy like M&Ms but bigger, if US readers aren't familiar with them).

This is another photo from our drive in the country last week. I've always loved this tiny little building in Caltowie, built with as much care and attention to detail as the bigger buildings. I'm sure it's builders had plans for additions and expansions, but they never happened.
I like the green door, and all the different textures of stone and metal and wood.
This fuchsia is flowering mightly on my front porch, such a pretty, dainty flower. The garden shops are full of new season fuchsias, and I have bought three that I couldn't resist. I've been deprived of their beauty for 26 years, so now I intend to indulge my love of them.


Anonymous,  7:08 PM  

Lovely fuschia. It is called Fuschia "Ballerina", if you wanted to know the type. Very well named I always think.

sewprimitive karen 11:37 PM  

How funny, the breeding your own computer techie lol!! That little building, how cool!!

Tonya Ricucci 10:40 AM  

love that little building - the color of the door is marvelous and oooooh gorgeous fuchias.

meggie 11:08 PM  

Love the quilt, the building, the techie idea, the fuchsia...

julieQ 6:52 AM  

How funny, your baby putting the smartie boxes in the computer!! Well, maybe wasn't funny at the time...:)

Your fuschias are beautiful...It is so fun to see another season on the other side of the world.


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum 2:06 PM  

Beautiful quilt, gorgeous quilting.
I always remeber the fuschias in my Grandma's garden and how we would all sit outside popping the buds to get them to open! Tracey

Linds 3:04 PM  

Wow, Keryn... I have been looking through your posts and quilts and that long arm quilter!!!! I need one too!!! Your work is wonderful. My sister and I love sewing together too. Just a pity she lives in another country. So many shared hobbies and delights! I will be back.
PS The mess is worse at the moment. But the desk is in place and the Bernina is ready to go. So at least I have hope!

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