Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just because I haven't been posting, doesn't mean I haven't been doing things. I've been obsessed with the Dear Janes for two weeks, and completed another 30 blocks. I think I'm over the hundred mark now, I will have to count them all up. It's been fun, and frustrating, and interesting, and satisfying, but I'm about ready to pack them all away and get back to normal sewing. I just can't see that sewing 1/2"squares and 7/8"triangles is normal; it's bizarre, and I wouldn't contemplate it for any other project. But if Jane did it, then so must I.

Mereth remains unmoved by my growing collection of tiny blocks. I haven't converted her, and never will, but that's OK. She can help me hand quilt it.....
I finished a baby quilt, that had been hanging around for more than a year. It has cotton wadding, and I quilted it heavily; now to wash it and let it crinkle up. I have a new bolt of cotton batting, and I'm keen to see how it behaves in a quilt. These pastel blocks were a lot of fun, and used up tiny scraps that would have otherwise gone in the bin. Mereth and I have been using up our little bits and pieces for many years now, it's an exercise in economy that I doubt we'll ever abandon, no matter how much fabric there is on the shelf, or in the drawers, or the plastic crates, or the cupboards....

The first day of the cool weather we went out for a walk at Bowmans Park with the dogs, who had been cooped up inside for days. They had a ball, racing through the bush and revelling in the light rain. I took a whole series of photos of Dolly, and not one of them turned out; she is always moving, and all I capture of her is a blur. Finally Matt held her still, so I could get a protrait of her and her dad; they are the best of friends, I love watching them play together. She's not that much smaller than him now, and she can outrun him too. She's lightning quick.


sewprimitive karen 6:47 PM  

Wow, I don't know how Mereth can be unmoved by your beautiful Dear Jane blocks. They are stunning. I love how you both use your scraps in quilt after gorgeous quilt.

Karen 8:22 AM  

I'd say you have been rather busy making the 30 plus blocks in a couple weeks. You are going to have a completed quilt top this next year the rate you are moving on them.

Brenda 9:12 AM  

Love the Dear Janes. Dolly is certainly growing up fast.

Vicki H. 12:48 PM  

I love the Dear Jane blocks. I have purchased the book and amassed some fabrics but I am afraid. Are you paper piecing the little blocks?

Jenni 4:34 PM  

Have to agree with Mereth - a bit too fiddly for me. The baby quilt is nice - I like the subtle frame around the little squares. Dolly is so gorgeous! I know that a staffy is in my future somewhere.

Meggie 7:08 PM  

Dolly & Mac are so gorgeous together. It is lovely that they are such good friends. You have been very productive & busy!

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