Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My weekend was spent finishing two projects, and I was pleased with what I managed to accomplish. The first project was the Colonial Squares, which had grown so large it was taking up all the design wall, and most of my sewing table. When things gets to that stage I just want them finished and done with, so I devoted myself to getting it in one piece. At no time was this ever hard or irksome, I really enjoyed every bit of it. I would even make another one, but not right away. It was an excellent leader-ender, and it looks exactly as I wanted it to. I'll quilt it with a clamshell I think, and use just a simple tea-dyed calico binding.

I don't have photos of the other Finished Object yet, but it involved lots of glue and I was aghast at the mess I can make with a simple glue bottle and a pile of cardboard and fabric. I just wasn't cut out for gloo-ing, and only the cuteness factor of the FO kept me going. I have plans to redesign the pattern as a Sewn Object instead, can't face all that stickiness again.

On to the next thing, whatever that may be. I will have fun consulting the folder full of Quilts To Make...

It's been very, very hot, with nasty dry winds. Dolly has never been through a summer, so she was absolutely unprepared for the heat. She spent a lot of time panting and looking at us with a 'Make It Stop!'look on her face. It was too hot even to play; this is how Dolly amuses herself in hot weather.
She looks like a baby crocodile, just hanging from the rope that I was holding. Occasionally she gave it a tug or too, but that was too strenuous.

She just lay there, head suspended by the rope, jaws locked in that famous Staffy grip, and eventually she drifted off to sleep, still hanging on to her rope. What a life she has....


antique quilter 7:33 PM  

absolutely love this quilt!
may have to start cutting squares and making my own!
your colors are perfect for this quilt,
I don't remember how did you chose the fabrics for this quilt...also love the idea of quilting it with clamshells
can't wait to see that done.
3" finished squares?

sewprimitive karen 7:36 PM  

Oh, what a funny dog. Your quilt is wonderful, just wonderful.

pdudgeon 11:08 PM  

yep, definitely love this quilt!
a good thing you showed it now, as i am at the point of needing more space for my scraps. This is definitely an inspiration to keep what i have and find room for more!

Karen 8:20 AM  

That's a ton of squares in your Colonial Squares quilt!

julieQ 5:42 AM  

Really love your quilt...poor listless hot baby! Looks like a fun time is still being had, though.

Meggie 11:32 AM  

*Sigh* Poor Dolly, she would make good company for me.. I hate the hot Summers!

Anonymous,  4:01 AM  

Quilts, quilts galore...But I think your dog is the greatest! lol

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