Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I spent several hours cutting up scrap fabric for the strip drawers, and 10.5" backing squares. I cleared out a whole drawer of bits and pieces, 7m in all. That made me feel very virtuous. I still have nothing in my 1.5" strip drawer, and I'm making 4 projects that neeed them, so I have to get busy on that. I haven't added up the yardage that I've cut for the projects, but it's a lot. Pity I've bought so much lately, because I have a long way to go before I can say the stash is dwindling again.
It doesn't help when we buy rolls of wide backings, with 12m in each roll. But that's for customer quilts as well, so I can't really fell guilty about that. The main thing is to keep using what we have, and keep the quilts coming.

Last night I went round to Mereth's place, to watch TV with her and the SIL. I took my knitting, another sock that I am making for a friend, and managed to get the heel turned before it was time to call it a night. Mereth offered to drive me home, as it was rather too cold to walk. When we got to the first corner I realised that not only had I dropped the ball of wool, I had dropped it before I got in the car. We stopped and I had to walk back down the road, reeling in my wool as I went. It was so funny, especially as we could have driven all the way home without realising! As it was I just have a tangled skein to sort out.I think in future I'd better get me a knitting bag when I go visiting.


Angelines Artero 4:50 AM  

Beautiful blog. Could you put a translator in your blog? Regards from Spain

Chookyblue...... 6:00 AM  

no need to leave the bread trail to find your way

Anonymous,  2:55 PM  

That's a VERY funny sock story! What is the yarn - it's very pretty. I used up all my 1/5" strips too - isn't it satisfying chopping up FQs and half metres into strips (my quilting friend doesn't get it though)

meggie 6:17 PM  

LOL! Did you get cold, on your retrieval trek?
I love the colours. I am so tempted to try socks. I almost got a pattern off another blogger, but something went wrong, & I never did get the whole pattern.
It is almost cold enough for me to knit.

Helen in the UK 8:29 PM  

Stash organisation is definately time well spent ... gets you two steps closer to stash reduction!! Great Monkey Wrench blocks too :)

MARCIE 9:21 PM  

You girls have the funniest stories!

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