Saturday, April 12, 2008

My new sewing machines are a Victor DeLuxe, and another Peerless treadle. The Peerless is in beautiful condition, apart from a badly mended belt, but the Victor needs help. The machine itself is pretty well spotless, but the wooden base and case are water damaged. I will keep a lookout for a ruined machine on a good base, and swap them over. I love the green paint, gold decals and silver trims; very stylish.
The Peerless is just as pretty as my other one, and moves so smoothly I can treadle with one foot. If we have another power failure Mereth and I can keep on sewing now, as we have a treadle each.

I came very close to having a migraine on Sunday, had to lie around with my eyes shut until 3 in the afternoon. What a wicked waste of a day! All that good sewing time wasted. I recovered enough to knit on my current sock after tea; this is beautiful Welsh wool called Jitterbug, and it's making a delicious sock. I'm enjoying every stitch.
We went to the patchwork group today, and I made another 15 of my Monkey Wrench blocks. I have 50 as of tonight, 31 to go. I'm getting enthusiastic about this project now, so I will probably keep working on it until it's done, ignoring my rule about only doing it at Patchwork Group. That means I need another easy project to take along with me; I just love having permission to start something new.


mckie2 7:40 AM  

Hi Keryn,

Could you possibly take the base for the Victor to a furniture refinisher and have him sand/glue/refinish (whatever it needs) it for you. It doesn't look in terribly bad shape in the picture. I've had a couple of treadle cabinets refinished that looked a heck of a lot worse than that. I'm very happy with them now.

julieQ 10:38 AM  

Love your new (old) machines. I have one from my father I treasure, he used to sew (gulp) leather jackets on it! Your blocks are so pretty, I am glad you permission to work on them...:)

Lori in South Dakota 8:15 PM  

Ahhh--the green machine. I am SO jealous!!! I wish I could find one over here, I would pet here and oil her and sew like crazy on her. She could match my long arm--who is a wonderful "English Racing Green". when you tire of her, please ship her my way! You are so lucky.

meggie 4:38 PM  

I love my Grandmother's old Singer Treadle, & it still sews beautifully. I must admit, I have wondered about having it refinished, but then I think of the fact that the patina, & the shabbiness, are all part of my familiy's past. My Grandmother bought it new, & it has never left our family. At one stage it spent it's life on a dirt floor in a tent, when my Grandparents had 4 children, & lived in a 2 bedroom house!
I wouldn't part with it for quids. I must write the history of it's life on a piece of paper & tuck it into one of the drawers. I am not sure my kids will keep it, when I am gone.

sewprimitive karen 6:45 PM  

The Patchwork Group sounds fun. The blocks are sooo pretty.

carrieann 11:20 PM  

Hello. My neighbor has the green Victor De Luxe floor model with the drawers, etc... she wants to sell it and I was looking online. Can someone please help me or direct me to find what she could price it as.

Carrie Ann

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