Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It was patchwork group yesterday, and we spent the day busily making blocks for our current projects. At one stage I wandered around taking photos of what people were working on; Pauline, in the orange shirt, was very gad I did, as her blocks got mixed up and she had to borrow the camera to see what order they were supposed to be in.

I'm working on my blue and green blocks again, I have all the pieced nine-patches made, 81 in fact, and now I'm adding the triangles to each block. The colours are looking wonderful together, but I'm quite worried at how much fabric I've used already. I have hardly any intense, deep blue left and I can't find any more to replace it either. I'm on a mission from now on.

I've started setting together the mini Monkey Wrench blocks, and they are looking good too. Each of those zigzag setting strips takes a quarter metre of fabric, so the setting alone will bust 2.25m. That's good news, as the fabric seems to be coming in faster than it's being used up.

I've had some queries about the recipe for Anzac buiscuits. I don't know the exact replacement for Golden Syrup; it's like a very light treacle, and treacle is similar to molasses. Also our dessicated coconut is similar to shredded coconut, but very dry. It's so hard substituting ingredients; I still don't know what to use instead of graham crackers. We don't have them over here.


Lisa D. 12:05 AM  

I love your blue and green blocks! Are you going to use that bird toile in the quilt too? It's fabulous!

Chookyblue...... 6:25 AM  

I love the blue and green quilt..........my favourite colour combination ......

Tazzie 9:07 AM  

Your green and blue blocks are just lovely. I especially love that green, it's very striking.
Ingredient substituting is really tricky - sometimes even quantities is difficult between countries. I have a recipe that calls for a 'stick' of butter. I had no idea how much that would be and had to call my friend in the US.
Anzac biscuits are my hubby's favourite, and I need to keep them on hand at all times!

Anonymous,  3:04 AM  

Golden Syrup can be found in the states, by the same name. It's very definitely worth seeking, lovely flavor and I can't think of any alternative that would be as good. In the US south, there is something called Steen's Cane Syrup and it's tasty and mild enough that it could be used in this recipe, but still not the same consistency and depth of flavor as the Golden syrup I've had. Good honey would be ok. And a lesser alternative would be white corn syrup.


Helen 6:00 PM  

Technology is wonderful! A good reason to take photos, just in case :-)

woolywoman 2:12 PM  

Rich Tea whole meal biscuits work nicely as graham cracker subs.

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