Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There has been sewing in the workroom just lately. I'm still working on my current projects, but I won't see a finish on any of them soon, so I selected a UFO and concentrated on it until it was finished. I finished piecing these True Lovers Knot blocks early this year, but ran out of the shirting for the sashings. I did find some more, but not enough for my original plan; so I made an executive decsion and made the sashings smaller, and substituted another fabric in some of the borders. It made good stashbusting sense to use what I had rather than buy a whole heap more. I used nearly 3 metres for the sashing and triple border, so I'm pleased about that. Another project basket emptied!

We've been busy with business stuff lately, so there's not much else to tell. These are a few photos from the Pirie cemetery, just after sunrise on Anzac day. At that hour of the day it is a beautiful place, with it's avenues of pepper trees, melaleucas and bottlebrush trees. It was one of my favourite places as a child, which sounds odd, but it was never a morbid place to be. Mum took us and showed us the family plots, and then while she tidied them up we would wander through the rest of the place, reading the old, out of fashion names on the headstones and admiring the carvings.We always ended up in the Italian section, where the graves were smothered in brightly coloured plastic flowers and silk flowers in glass domes, along with statues of saints and china wreaths. It was such an extravagant display of grief, compared to the quiet, faded beauty of the rest of the place. This Pietà is relatively recent, and is about 10' high; it's quite compelling. The little rainbow appeared just as I took the photo, and vanished minutes later. What good luck that I had the camera ready.

I do love her face; she is beautiful from any angle. One day I'll be brave enough to try and make a portrait of her in fabric. Pam Holland is showing a portrait step by step on her web site, and I'd love to do something like that. One day.....


Sweet P 2:03 PM  

I love our quilt. It's gorgeous.

sewprimitive karen 11:44 AM  

So that's called True Lovers Knot, eh? I'm glad to find that out. Yours looks so pretty and I just kept a photo of an old quilt top on eBay that was this pattern. Very pretty. Love the rainbow!

Nines 9:17 AM  

Really nice graphic quilt! I think it might work scrappy...

How cool is that little rainbow you captured! Now I need to check out the blog on portraits in quilts... another project I probably don't need to start, but sounds way cool.

ForestJane 11:33 PM  

Very nice photography there with the little rainbow! And I like the quilt in the first photo, I have been collecting patterns in the interest of doing a two color quilt someday. ;)

meggie 1:18 AM  

The photo of the headstone is beautiful, the face of the female very lovely. We visited our grandparents' graves, & were sad to see the lovely old headstones, & statuary has been smashed & ruined. There was only one Angel left, & she has been repaired so badly, it is sad. As a young girl I loved the Cemetary, & still find them fascinating.

Jenni 10:55 PM  

I love the True Lover's Knot. The 'squareness' appeals to me - if you can call it that. Definately one I'd love to make.

bingo~bonnie 8:34 AM  

Oh what an awesome photo you captured of our Most Holy Mother of Christ. It's beautiful!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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