Saturday, May 10, 2008

We picked this bunch of roses early this morning, the garden at Mereth's place is putting on one last show. I'm enjoying the beginnings of the cool weather and grateful for a gradual transition to winter; it will be interesting to see how I handle my first real cold spell in 22 years.

My Janome 6500 has developed a hacking cough and rattle, and will have to be taken in for a service. In the meantime I trialed every other machine I own, trying to find which one was the best replacement. The Featherweight was nice, but ultimately this 201P of Mum's sews the best 1/4" seam. This is the machine that Mum bought when she found out she was having two babies instead of one. When we were in high school we sewed all our clothes on it, and Mum used it until she was in her seventies. It still runs like a dream.

I remember one December when we were 5, watching Mum sew two sets of summer pajamas, with matching brunch coats on this machine. We hung on the edge of the table, getting in her way and asking dozens of questions about the machine and what she was doing and who were the pajamas for. She told us that they weren't for us, she was sewing them for two lucky little girls for Christmas. We were eaten up with jealousy of those two other girls, and got the surprise of our lives when we unwrapped the pajamas on Christmas day. Mum always maintained that we couldn't have been so naive as to believe her, but we never doubted anything she said. It only occurred to me later that she had LIED to us. That gave me pause for thought......

I'm working on the Churn Dash blocks, but they seem to be going very slowly. I've cut all the triangles for the zigzag setting, which busted 2.25m of stash. My browns are being depleted, but that is good because I have quite a lot of these particular fabrics. It's good to be making a dent in them.

My DS has had an exciting week. He is studying at the Mackay Conservatorium of Music; he is part of a jazz band and they had a gig on Hamilton Island. The pictures he sent are fantastic, what a beautiful setting.
He's playing at the Entertainment Centre tonight, and at the Mayor's Ball next week. I'm rather proud of him, and he even remembered to send me a message for Mothers Day!


Candace 6:16 AM  

I enjoyed reading and looking at your post. The flowers, scenery and quilt are beautiful, your son sounds like a son to be proud of, and the memories were wonderful for right before mother's day, especially.

Anonymous,  7:37 AM  

It's always a pleasure to read your posts, today especially so. Your memories of your mum trigger many of my own, quite similar, in fact. Thank you. Marianne

antique quilter 1:39 AM  

Wow I would love to own a sewing machine like that.
How lucky you are and to have memories like that too.
I love your churn dash quilt...great choice of fabrics...I just love browns!

Carol E. 12:16 PM  

Love the story about the pajamas. We have a similar story in our family, regarding the sewing of two bathrobes for Dad and for Brother. Your son is accomplished and good looking!

Henrietta 2:43 PM  

Happy Mothers Day to you although I suspect it was yesterday because of the time difference.

I am quite green with envy of your Mum's machine. I have been looking for a 201 in nice condition for ages. Of course I really need yet another old machine. Lori has one and I get to drive it when I go there for my holiday in the fall, its like driving a muscle car compared to my beloved wimpy 15.

Cornfield Quilter 12:08 PM  

What a wonderful son you have! It was also wonderful when mine stopped by for a short visit last evening. He will always be my little boy.

sewprimitive karen 2:17 PM  

Your son is so handsome. Funny story about your mother, I can just visualize the three of you milling around the sewing machine and all the chatter.

meggie 4:02 PM  

What beautiful roses.
Your son is handsome, & sons are always a joy when they remember their mothers!
Loved the story of your mother sewing.

julieQ 7:00 AM  

Such pretty roses! What a sweet son to remember his Mom. I was given a sewing machine quite similar to the one you show, not in working order right now!

Lori in South Dakota 6:54 PM  

Isn't the 201 wonderful?? And I had to make sure I "willed" mine to Henrietta!!! She is such a whiner. I don't think my 15 is wimpy. Snort snort cackle!!

woolywoman 9:44 PM  

She didn't were two lucky little girls! I have a 201 and love it to death. I is also very nice for free motion quilting.

Helen in the UK 1:37 AM  

Love the zig-zag setting on the churn dash blocks. Hope you 6500 is better soon :)

Anonymous,  10:52 AM  

bundle up, your roses are gorgeous.

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