Thursday, May 15, 2008

We went for a drive the other day, on the hunt for a suitable table for my sewing room. At an antique shop in a nearby town we spent a pleasant hour combing through all the knick-knacks, books, china and saucepans, collecting a few things we had to have. When we went to pay for them the owner of the shop remarked how strange it was that everything we had chosen belonged to one woman. A 75 year old spinster is in the process of downsizing, and there were many of her things displayed in the shop, including her entire baby layette and several exquisite little dresses. She came from a family of magnificent seamstresses and knitters, that's for sure.

I found two quilted items that had to come home with me. The tea cosy is hand stitched corded quilting, with a machine quilted lining. It has a few stains, but it's in fine shape so I will carefully wash it next summer when the thick padding will dry quickly. The pattern is formed with two lines of backstitching to form a channel, with pink cord threaded in. The backing is very coarse cream cloth, I can just see a glimpse of it through a small hole. The lining inside is pink cotton quilted in a plain grid.

This baby bib is intruiging, as it's machine quilted in a very dense pattern, with the tiniest of stitches. It's a very early eample of machine quilting, and it's so beautifully and skillfully done that it's obviously not a learning piece; this was made by someone who was an expert at machine quilting. And it was used to bits, as the ragged edges show. I may frame this, it's so unusual.
I did get my table, but we'll have to go back next week to pick it up; I think a few more of that lady's treasures might join our collections; it will be nice to keep them together.

And on a different note, Mereth is wildly amused by the cuteness of the Gammil bobbins wound with variegated thread. The thread colours make an interesting little pattern. Small things......


Cornfield Quilter 5:02 AM  

What wonderful treasures!

Paula 6:53 AM  

What a treat you've "stumbled" upon. I love the little bib and cozy. Don't you wish you could meet the quilter and talk with her. I'm sure she has many fond memories associated with the bib and the cozy. Very sweet.

Anonymous,  10:53 AM  

seems like you were meant to have these things, strange how life works

Nichole 11:31 AM  

The baby bib looks like an owl face - with the 2 large unquilted circles forming the eyes and the quilting looks like feathers! What a treasure....I think it would look spectacular framed.

Henrietta 4:52 PM  

Does the Gammil use an M bobbin?

Unknown 7:17 AM  

it's good to know that old treasures will be appreciated, they are beautiful!

and the Gammill bobbin is interesting, my short arm came with solid bobbins

meggie 3:41 PM  

Love the old treasures. It seems sad to think the old lady has noone to give them to. They are going to a good home though. An Aunt left me treasures of crochet that my Grandmother made. I don't really know what to do with them, it seems a shame to leave them packed away.

Lynn Dykstra 6:56 PM  

I am so glad you found them to take care of. They are wonderful, especially the almost used up bib.

Gypsy Quilter 6:55 PM  

That bib is simply awesome. Thanks for sharing your treasures.

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