Sunday, May 25, 2008

After a lot of effort and indecision I have the Mini Monkey Wrench in one piece. It seemed to take forever. When it came time to choose the borders I kept picking fabrics that I didn't have enough of, which was frustrating. These are quite fine, even if they weren't my first choices, and I'm just glad to get the whole thing finished. I have a huge basket of leftovers, so I may have to make a miniature version, or just sew all the bits into crumb blocks. I'm a bit sick of them by now. It's Patchwork Group tomorrow, so I will need another project now. Goody!

We went off to Adelaide yesterday to pick up a couple of sewing machines to add to the collection. There was this one, in a nice cabinet, a cute 99k that luckily came with a complete manual, and as a bonus we found this Godfrey machine for sale as well. We couldn't leave it behind, just look at those pretty decals, and it's in rather nice condition. Missing it's bobbin case, but we will find one somewhere. It's just a rebadged Singer, shouldn't be too hard to track down spare parts.

During the week we went to a local antique shop and the owner fished this Horn sewing cabinet out of her shed for us. It's in fantastic, mint conditon with a gas lifter and everything, for the price of three or four magazines. Plus the drawers were stuffed full of cottons, pins, zippers and bias tape. We had so much fun sorting it all out. I think my 6500 will live in this, as I'm using the old 201 for most of my piecing. I can leave the 6500 set up with the walking foot for any quilting I want to do, and for binding.
I sorted out some of my stash drawers the other night, as I didn't feel like doing anything requiring effort or brain-power. I've often asked mysef if one can have tooo much material; in the case of cream fabrics, I can definitely say that I have Enough! For now.....


Sew Create It - Jane 4:37 AM  

Beautiful mini monkey wrench. The colours are fab and the borders worked out well.

Nice sewing machines..and sounds like you got a bargain with the Horn cabinet.

Lovely selection of creams...wish I had that many to choose from...I tend to struggle to keep neutrals in my stash.

Vicki W 6:23 AM  

Your monkey wrench quilt is beautiful!

Donna 6:49 AM  

you found great fabric for the border on the monkey wrench, even if it was quite a process :-)

dot 10:41 AM  

The monkey wrench is wonderful. Your border fabric is perfect. You do have alot of cream colored fabric but I am sure you will use it.

Jeanne 6:34 PM  

Love your mini monkey wrench quilt! I'd love to finger through all of those cream fabric drawers. *s* The machines look like good additions, too.

meggie 4:41 PM  

How lovely to be able to house those beautiful old machines! The Horn cabinet looks very much like mine.
I never seem to have enough creams!

Gypsy Quilter 7:16 PM  

Your monkey wrench is simply terrific and I especially love the 2 alternate blocks. They really add punch. Cream fabric, nahh, one never has enough cream fabric.

Jenni 11:02 PM  

Love your Monkey Wrench, and as for the cream fabrics - WOW!

Helen in the UK 9:11 AM  

Love the Monkey Wrench quilt and all your wonderful vintage machines. Also can I come play in your stash of cream fabrics .... absolutely love neutrals?!?!?!

Karen 5:32 AM  

I like the color range in your Mini Monkey Wrench. My kind of colors.

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