Tuesday, May 06, 2008

There has been welcome rain in the last few days, and nice cool autumn weather. The plants are having a last fling of flowers before the winter arrives, and the garden at Mereth's is full of roses and gerberas. It's a lovely time of year. My Hebe is flowering again, I love that little heart shape in the centre, and the rain drops on the petals.The next two photos are raindrops caught and held by the furry leaves of Wormwood; the plant looked like a little Christmas tree decked with diamonds in the early morning sun.

Our brother and sister-in-law are going home in a few days time, so we are spending a lot of time together. On the weekend we went to visit our other brother and family, for a barbecue lunch. I got to eat kangaroo steaks for the first time, which was.....interesting; I'd definitely have it again. It has to be eaten quite rare, which suits me down to the ground, but I felt a bit guilty eating our national icon. I got over it tho.

Isn't this fruit absolutely gorgeous?
They are persimmon, and they look and feel as if they are made out of porcelain. There's something unreal about them. The flavour is amazing, like melon and apple and apricot all rolled into one, absolutely delicious. I must try and get a tree next time we go to a plant nursery, I'd love to be able to pick them from my own backyard. These came from my SIL's father, who has a loaded tree, lucky man.

We worked hard on a customer quilt this week, it's a present for the customer's soon-to-be 80 year old Mum. There are comments embroidered all over the quilt, and we got such a laugh reading some of them. I can really identify with this one!
When they present this quilt at the birthday lunch I hope they have the tissues ready, the birthday girl is sure to cry when she reads all the messages of love. There are times when it's great to be a quilter.


SueR 6:28 PM  

What a gorgeous and exotic looking flower! I'll bet your gardens are beautiful.

meggie 1:11 AM  

My mother's favourite fruit was Persimmon.
Love the look of that gift quilt!

Kerri 7:02 AM  

LOL! That was my mother, who passed away at 83 only a few months ago, bless her. I love funny sayings like that.

Tanya Brown 4:14 PM  

Ah, that hoarding comment gave me a good chuckle! I predict that the mum in question is really going to love her quilt.

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