Friday, October 10, 2008

I astonished myself on Wednesday by actually finishing the piecing on this runner! It's not like me at all to have a good idea and see it all the way through straight away. The border is from a set of fabric 1/8ths that I didn't really love; I bought it because I loved about half of the prints which are old and discontinued, and the rest of the collection are expendable. They are proving perfect for the runners. I used them around the edge of the next two as well.

This is more leftovers from the Carolina Coverlet (overcutting AGAIN!).
And this is some really ugly square-in-square blocks that I was on the point of throwing out. Oddly enough, as soon as I sewed them together they didn't look so bad after all.
I am using this sewing as a reward for quilting an embroidery quilt that is taking a lot of time and effort and thought, which I don't enjoy right now. So every time I finish a block I run off and sew a few more seams to recover my spirits. Four more blocks of the quilt to do, and then it's just the border to go. Can't wait till it can go back to it's owner.

I think I will have to do a post on the effects of joining the Judie Rothermel fabric club. She keeps sending me more fabric!! I'm starting to feel overwhelmed, but I think that is just because I don't have a lot of time lately to use the new stuff. It's pilingup at an alarming rate, and causing me anxiety. I don't know what to do. I waited years to be able to join this club, I can't bail out after less than a year; I just have to use it up somehow. Or Judie has to slow down with the new releases. Somehow I don't want her to do that either; those conversational prints are just what my fabric collection needed.


Lori in South Dakota 10:37 PM  

Enjoyed it all. Table runners. Square in a squares turned out VERY nice. And the Rothermel fabric, you can never have enough!

pdudgeon 4:15 AM  

like lori, i love what you've done with the neutrals. the neutrals make everything they're next to look just right, and yet we'd miss that extra punch if they weren't included.
great job!!!

Vicki W 5:20 AM  

I love all of them!

Paula 8:41 AM  

Three great table runners! I love them all.

sewprimitive karen 2:48 PM  

The runners are sooo pretty. My sympathies with the Rothermel stash piling up, although the prints are to die for.

tami 5:13 PM  

Oh my! A Judie Rothermel fan club sounds like a dark, dark path.

meggie 6:00 PM  

At least you are getting some projects done, even if the fabric is rolling in too quickly!

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