Monday, October 20, 2008

Today is somewhat of a milestone in life. It's my 50th birthday, (it's October 21st already, here in Australia) and if you want to read the whole story of the circumstances surrounding my arrival in this world you can go here. And no, today is not Mereth's birthday as most people expect. See previous link. We have had to explain it a few times to friends who have never heard the story.

It's amazing how news travels around a small town, we have been greeted several times with sly smiles and inquiries on our health now that we are getting so aged. It's just a number though; sometimes I feel 20 again, and sometimes I feel like an 80 year old! I have been taking note of the number of people who wistfully say 'I wish I was only 50 !' and I mean to enjoy my time on earth, not moan about how old I am. As our dear brother keeps reminding us, it's all downhill from here. And I reply that I will land on him at the bottom, because he's 13 years ahead of me.

The embroidery quilt is off the frame and looks lovely; what a relief to have that finished. I immediately loaded all three runners and quilted them with simple patterns. Maybe I'll get the binding on later today and have three finished objects at last. What a good feeling that will be.

I'm sewing together some blocks I made from my 400 four-patches, and it will get quilted with a panto quick smart. I need to see finishes around here, there are far too many projects on the go. Mereth bought me some lovely pelargoniums for my birthday, and I need to move them into bigger pots today and spend some time making sure that the garden is ready for the hot weather. I'm not ready for it, I need at least another month of winter....


Donna 6:54 PM  

happy b'day. :-)

I completely understand the story of your birth! Even in a modern city hospital in the 1990's similar problems arose -- I was 72 hours in labour, many with a dear son unable to be born due to position and questions if either of us would live... Never again is all I can say, even though all worked out fine for us too...

Tanya Brown 7:07 PM  

Hooray for you and your sister, and happy birthday!

And - oi! - what a story! I teared up reading it. Good for your mother for not slipping away forever.

Vicki W 7:11 PM  

Happy Birthday! I'm only 2 years behind you and I'm already trying to think up a great way to celebrate the milestone. Your embroidered quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Paddy's Daughter 8:29 PM  

Happy Birthday, hope you and your sister enjoy your special day(s). The quilt is lovely.

Bernadette 2:00 AM  

Happy 50th Keryn! I beat you by two months, mine was at the end of August. I love the embroidery quilt it looks gorgeous. I really enjoy your blog, I love all the reproduction fabric and quilts and how and where did you join Judie Rothermel's fabric club?

antique quilter 2:15 AM  

happy, happy birthday
I hope you enjoy your day and do things you like to do all day long... a trip to a quilt shop???

chrisee 2:31 AM  


Your work on the embroidery quilt is stunning!

Char 3:57 AM  

Happy Birthday! Whenever I think of my age, I think of my father telling us - When I wake in the morning,laying there to plan my day my mind is 18, then I try to get out of bed and I KNOW I am 86! Enjoy your maturity?!

pdudgeon 5:15 AM  

always love to come and read what you're up to. the quilting is beautiful, and the flowers take me back to earlier days. my mother loved those too.

Marianne 7:25 AM  

Happy Birthday, I've got a few years head start on you, but I found my 50th to be truly watershed event, for the better I might add. What a truly harrowing experience for your mother, your births, that is. And to think YOU weren't the troublemaker, that Mereth was! LOL

Jeanne 8:24 AM  

Happy 50th birthday, Keryn! What a story about your birth. Glad it turned out well and I have blogs from TWO talented gals to follow.

Sew Create It - Jane 10:43 AM  

Happy Birthday...hope you've had a great day!

Deb Robertson Writes 4:48 PM  

Happy Happy Birthday! that's an awesome story too :) Love all the work you have been doing, it looks fantastic.

Helen in the UK 12:57 AM  

Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a great day :)

julieQ 5:49 AM  

Happy, Happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day! The quilting on the embroidery quilt is stunning. Enjoy your lovely flowers, too.

meggie 3:56 PM  

Happy Birthday Keryn.
I just think your quilting for that embroidery quilt is exquisite!
Such complimentary design.
Pelargoniums are quite hardy...why did mine die?

Ms. Jan 8:54 AM  

A belated, but happy birthday wish to you on your 50th birthday. Life is good after 50!!

Arlene White 11:06 AM  

I was just brousing some blogs and happen onto yours, Happy birthday to you and your sister, it's nice to find someone else sharing my birthday, and interests but I guess it was yours first as I'm only 47. I'm Australian too, but my hubby and I are currently living in Scotland. you can read about us at once again happy birthday and hope to chat again soon.

Unknown 10:59 PM  

"Happy Belated Birthday" wishes...nothing wrong with beng 50...Your quilt is just gorgeous & the quilting on it is just Divine.!!!

Chookyblue...... 6:37 PM  

happy belated birthday........also congrats on your new building.......

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