Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I believe the end of the embroidered quilt is in sight; just got the two side borders to finish off, but that can wait till tomorrow. Every embroidery quilt we do seems to have it's own set of challenges; this one was beautifully made, but on polyester curtain fabric with a fancy jacquard weave. I hope it looks OK when it finally comes off the frame.

Last week we had lunch at a tiny spot half an hour away. It's a hamlet called Stone Hut, and this is the hut it's named for.
When we were kids it was still in good condition, roofed and with windows and doors. Now it's crumbling into oblivion, which makes me sad. I hate to see local landmarks falling into ruin.

I love seeing the keystones the builders put into the original building, ready for when they wanted to build additions. It's pretty obvious where the building was extended here, the whole thing is falling off the back. The idea of just gathering a lot of stones and adding a new room appeals to me; I always wanted to build a mud-brick house, but I'm too old now for such strenuous activity I think. Or too lazy. Still, imagine the size of your sewing room being limited only by your energy and how many mud bricks you could make!

There is a wonderful bakery at Stone Hut, famous for their pies. Mereth and I drove over there last week just for their Spinach and Feta pie; it's amazing! We keep buying them and trying to reproduce them at home, but no luck just yet. We'll have to make a few more research trips.

I spent this evening in the kitchen cooking up lots of veggies for the freezer, and making some lo-carb snacks. These are the bacon-wrapped jalopeno thingies from Ree's recipe

They are every bit as good as she says they are. Below are zucchini chips, which I read about somewhere on the Interwebb. It's just slices of zucchini, cut as thin as possible, coated in eggwhite and dipped in grated parmesan, then cooked in a moderate oven till dry and crispy. They are really good. I seasoned the first tray with salt and pepper, but forgot for the second lot so they weren't as tasty. I'll be making these again.I hope that tomorrow I will have the quilt off the frame, my table runners loaded for quilting and some scrap sewing completed. At least I won't have to make lunch or dinner, with all those jalopenos to snack on in the fridge.


Donna 9:46 AM  

those Zuchinni chips sound yummy.... a whole variety amy be in my future with different herbs and spices :-)

meggie 3:03 PM  

Yum! I love zucchini, any way at all, but these sound really delish.

sewprimitive karen 1:54 PM  

Sad about the historic building. The zucchini slices look super good.

Quilty Cat 7:30 PM  

Like the zucchini chips!
I agree that it is a shame that such a building is being allowed to fall into disrepair. Thanks for the recipes. C

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