Thursday, April 15, 2010

I haven't sewn anything all week!  What a drastic state of affairs, I can't let it go on.  The last day of this busy week is going to be super busy, but I'm going to sit at my machine and sew for 15 minutes before I do a single bit of work.  At least I will start the day rested and cheerful, because I finally got to send a few patches through the machine.  Thank heavens for my prepared kits is all I can say.

We had optometrist appointments on Wednesday, and as luck would have it, he's right next door to the quilt shop.  Of course we had to visit, just to be social, and it seemed churlish not to buy something while we were there.  (Do you think I'm trying to rationalise/justify the buying?) So this little lot will have to go in the spreadsheet.  The pinks and browns are just because I love them and always need more variety.

 The jellyroll is a joint buy with Mereth and, to make sure we use it, we unrolled it straight away.  That way it can't achieve 'precious' status, and thus never be touched. 
 Next time we have a quiltathon we'll cut a quilt out of this and both use it as leaders-enders, so it will get done quick.  The fabrics are Whimsy, such pretty colours, not our normal choice, but that's why we just had to have them.

That spreadsheet is certainly affecting the amount of material I add to the stash, I'm very careful now.  You all have permission to laugh when I fall off this particular wagon and land in a pile of new fabric.  

At the start of each day Mereth and I get a cup of coffee and sit in the workroom to plan our day.  Dolly usually lays on her bed under the table, but frequently wants to sit on my lap first for a cuddle.  And this is what happens.

This is such a Cat thing, choosing to lie on whatever I'm working on.  She tries to crawl up on the table, but I'm not having that.  I always loved really big cats; looks like we've got us a 20 kilo one now...


Laura 7:13 AM  

Yes, Dolly is definitely acting like a cat, but it's so cute!

Love the new fabrics! I have been on a buying binge lately too, but that usually happens during tax season when I don't have as much time to sew. Or maybe I just have no self control when it comes to fabric LOL.

Sue SA 6:38 PM  

Hi Keryn, I have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award, because I love reading your blog! I particulary enjoy seeing your quilt blocks progressing and your photographs of completed quilts (yours and customers). As you can see I havent followed the "rules" so will not be upset if you dont pass this on, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Happy quilting Sue.

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