Sunday, April 25, 2010

I've been busy with lots of work lately, as evidenced by my lack of blog posts. 

 I think the end is in sight, and I will have some spare time again.  There has been some sewing, but on a commissioned project so I can't share. 
 And the Lady of the Lake blocks continue to multiply, thanks to the ease of sewing up a kitted block in 5 minutes.  Not that there's been many spare minutes lately.
I'm tidying this morning, and I've finally removed the heaping piles of Stuff that were covering my cutting table, and I can see the mat and tabletop at last.  Even Mereth, who loves to Tidy, couldn't face the mess that my sewing room had  become.  It's so easy for it to become a dumping ground, when other rooms need to be cleared in a hurry, and events just keep happening without any pause for a clean up.  Thankfully I've made real progress today.

There have been consequenses of my being preoccupied with business matters; while I have been sifting through papers, and working long computer hours, Dolly has mostly kept me company, sitting under the desk and appearing every now and then to ask "You finished yet?  Can we go for a walk?" When the answer is no, she goes off to investigate the food situation, or see what the weather is like,  or put her nose to the space beneath the front door and smell who's walking by.

But she has also been doing this;

and this;

and this.

I had stern words to her.  I'm sure it had an effect.  She looked sorry, and wagged her tail a lot, very quickly.  I'm sure that means, 'I won't do it again Mum, honest'

On the other hand, it may also mean "You finished yet?  Can we go for a walk?"


Karen 11:19 AM  

Know what you mean about the sewing room becoming a dumping ground. My main problem in the sewing room is just too much stuff for the space. And when I start working on something, I don't want to put things away.

julieQ 11:39 AM  

Oh, Keryn...the joys of doggie parenthood! She sure is cute though. Your blocks are just wonderful, sorry about the work load lately.

Anonymous,  12:57 PM  

Oh, my goodness, Dolly! What are we going to do with you?? The look on her face says it all. :)

Jenni 12:18 PM  

We call that "guilty tail" here. Chloe does it quite often and I know to look for something, often a puddle where it shouldn't be. Simon is the main chewer and he doesn't bother with guilty tail - he doesn't care at all. I have some objects just like yours.

Meggie 9:33 AM  

Dear Dolly! They always wag their tails hoping it will soften the heart.

YankeeQuilter 1:39 AM  

How can you not forgive a face like that! Noticed a little storm at sea block on your wall...I'm working on some of those too for a wallhanging about my Dad who was a Navy Pilot!

Laura 10:43 PM  

Oh, I'm sure Dolly is very sorry. She was just missing spending time with you :-).

Unknown 6:52 AM  

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one whose dog chews up thread!

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