Monday, April 05, 2010

My stash report this week is looking good, nothing bought and lots used.

Week 14
Fabric Used this week; 9.6m
Fabric Used Year-to-date;  124.6
Fabric Bought this week; 0.0
Fabric bought Total; 27.0
Net  Used for 2010; 97.6

I cut out the Stask & Whack last week, but didn't include the fabric in last week's totals, so it's included in this lot.  I also kitted up nearly all the blocks needed for my Lady of the Lake, and the Chimney Sweep quilt, which accounted for the rest of the 9.6 metres.

Cutting kits is a hard way to get the totals up, it's much easier to make a backing or two.  However I have lots of blocks prepared ready for easy, mindless sewing, which is a comforting thought.  I've cleared away the towering stacks of fabric that were on every surface of the sewing room, and I have a much nicer workspace now.  I hope to be able to spend lots of time in there this week, making another fine mess.


sewprimitive karen 11:58 AM  

Hi, Keryn, congratulations on your excellent stash report :-).

Mary Johnson 4:09 PM  

I usually just cut as I piece a quilt but we're planning to spend 6-8 weeks this summer away from home at our Condo back in Georgia so I've been making a list of quilts I've been wanting to make and am planning on kitting those up to take with us.

PatchJoana 5:59 AM  

Pecado que talvez você não entende o meu idioma.
Estou seguindo o teu blog e gosto muito.

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