Sunday, March 28, 2010

The spiderweb blocks are in one piece, and I'll let it stew for a while before I think about borders etc. 

 I don't know whether to just put a couple of plain borders on, or do a piano key border of all the strips I have left over.  I'm sure the answer will be obvious after I've stared at it for a few days.

The blocks are all made with the same strip measurements; 4 1.5"strips sandwiched between a 2.5 strip each side.  It made for easy sewing, as all the seams matched nicely.  I squared the octagons up by adding triangles on the corners ( 5.5"squares cut on the diagonal) and then added a 2.5"flippy corner to make those spools where the blocks join.

And it's not as if I don't have anything else to be going on with.  There's the Lady of the Lake blocks, abandoned as leader enders because I have to concentrate too hard on them. 

And the Album blocks,which are easy, but I have no more cut out, so it's back to choosing fabric for the next batch.

There's just no accounting for the fact that I suddenly HAD to cut out a Stack & Whack quilt on Friday night.

Mereth says it's a shameless ploy to quickly use up 3.6 metres, and she might be right there.  However, in my defence I've had the material waiting for just this purpose, and it felt like the right time to actually do it.

I was determined to just kit up the pieces for future sewing, but it's almost impossible not to sew a few blocks, just to see what they look like.  And it's usually so much fun that you sew a few more, and before you know it there's 20 of them made, and only 30 left for later.  A good quilt is a quick quilt, apparently.

Just as well I have a whole drawer of fabric earmarked for S&W quilts.  I'll polish this one off and go on to the next.......


sewprimitive karen 8:10 AM  

Both projects are just so gorgeous.

pdudgeon 9:05 AM  

i agree!
i'll be interested to see how you set your hexes.

Jan 10:51 AM  

Keryn, I just commented on your sister's blog, too. Just love the quilts that you two make! You are both so artistic, and talented. Prolific, too!

julieQ 3:13 PM  

Just had to make a hexagon quilt...that is too funny, and your blocks are great! You already finished your spiderweb, I really love it too.

June Calender 4:55 PM  

I know exactly what you mean about the stack & whack. If I start sewing one I can't stop -- like eating peanuts. You have a lovely fabric for it and it will be a lovely quilt.

Meggie 12:01 AM  

Looking really good. I would vote for plain boarders. On the other hand, what the hell do I know...

Sew Create It - Jane 6:39 AM  

I have a stack of fabrics I bought over 10 years ago for stack and whack...hmmm perhaps I should get on with it! LOL

Mary Johnson 9:19 AM  

The spiderweb is gorgeous. I've been wondering how one would look if I just sewed random strings together and used the GO cutter....I might just have to give it a try although I just loved how this one turned out so that might be too random for me.

the writer 1:06 PM  

Lovely projects! Thank you for showing them.

Rose Marie 8:41 AM  

Great Spiderweb blocks and I like what you did with the corners.

Pattilou 7:26 AM  

Ambitious projects you've got going. They are stunning. But, the spiderweb blocks really take my eye--could be the colors~~my favs!

Sue Daurio 4:45 AM  

that is the most beautiful spider quilt I have ever seen!!!

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