Sunday, March 07, 2010

I have nothing to report on the stash numbers for this week; 2.5m in, and 2.5m out, so nothing much has changed.  I've used 102.6 metres this year and bought 21 metres for a net usage of 81.6 metres.

I finished the Milky Way top, and it turned out exactly as I wanted it to, which was a relief. 

Imagine having kept the fabric all these years, and dreamed of making it, only to have it turn out ho-hum.  But it didn't, and I can hardly wait to quilt this and start using it.  It's been a very satisfying project from start to finish. The fabrics all came from stash, none at all were purchased for this, although I did 'borrow' half a metre from Mereth to finish off the four-patches.
It's Autumn, and I'm loving the cooler weather.  So is Dolly, she's been racing around like a mad thing, full of energy and determined to make up for the months of inactivity over the hot summer.  I think her convalesence is officially over!  

It rained last night, and it's raining again now, which is wonderful.  We took a little drive tonight, to see the heavy clouds and just enjoy the scenery. 
 This is my favourite time of year, and I'm happy as a clam right now.  Look at the colour of those clouds!
Of course the rain means there are puddles, and Dolly found one on our evening walk. 

I hear it's very soothing on the feet....


Brenda 4:26 AM  

Lovely to use that special fabric and more importantly to love the result.

Tamera 4:41 AM  

What a BEAUTIFUL quilt. That is one of my favorite patterns.

Unknown 5:36 AM  

What a great quilt from your stash, it's an Awesome quilt!

Jo 5:53 AM  

Truly lovely!

pdudgeon 7:06 AM  

gorgeous to look at, and some great workmanship as well. have fun quilting it!

Jan 7:06 AM  

Oh, your blue top did turn out beautifully. It is so gratifying when a top sews up as planned, isn't it? You certainly have an artist's eye.

Quiltsmiles 7:24 AM  

Your Milky Way quilt is beautiful. What a lovely quilt. Never thought of mud baths for aching feet before, hummmmm, I may have to try that out. LOL


Laura 9:04 AM  

Great quilt and autumn is my favorite time of the year too. Next up for us is hot weather which I'm not looking forward to. For now I will take the moderate days and the rain because I know soon enough that nice weather will be over.

Amy 9:51 AM  

Love your quilt! It turned out great.

Paulette 10:26 AM  

It is stunning! All from stash too, that's amazing.

Chookyblue...... 12:56 PM  

love the milky way and very pleased to hear you had some rain.........

sewprimitive karen 3:50 PM  

Dolly is a Happy Dog again; oh that gorgeous scenery and sky!! Your quilt is beautiful, imagine it all being from stash.

Jenni 5:03 PM  

Well there's nothing like a mud bath, is there? Love your quilt, and glad you are happy with how it turned out. As for the 100+ yards of fabric used?? I can't understand how you can do it!!

Lori 7:47 PM  

I've been at at trade show the last three days, but our puddles are still snowbanks! I would be like Dolly and soaking my feet, it DOES look soothing. And, you are a BAD influence on my friend Henrietta, she says we are going to make a Milky Way top next!

Roslyn 8:10 PM  

Like your Milky Way quilt, looks as if it will go together fast & easy too!
The inly time I have seen the Milky Way to rival our Aussie views is at 9,000ft. elevation in Colorado!
i have some blues, bet I could make this but I would have to buy some neutrals.

Carol,  1:54 AM  

It was worth the wait, a beautiful quilt. And, a beautiful sky.

julieQ 3:38 AM  

Oh, your Milky way quilt top turned out wonderfully!! Poor Dolly...she need to soak her feet in good cool mud every day...good for the cuticles, you know.

Mary Johnson 12:47 AM  

The quilt is lovely - I always feel very virtuous when I make one entirely from stash. Of course, I tend to keep the stash replenished and my quilts are scrappy so there's usually no reason for me to go out and buy fabric for a specific quilt.

Love the cloud photos. Autumn is my favorite season too although Spring is looking pretty good right about now.

Jussara Machado,  4:07 PM  

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