Thursday, March 04, 2010

I've been quilting this embroidery quilt for the last two days, so there has been no time for sewing or blogging or anything else.  It turned out very pretty, I will have to take photos tomorrow when the light is better. 

Lots of things arrived in the post this week, books that I indulged in, and tops from customers, and a belated order from Hancocks, which I'd totally forgotten.  I put a Moda scrap bag in the cart, and they were out of stock.  I never gave it another thought until this showed up.  It's very pretty, Fig Tree & Co Fresh Cottons.  It's not someting I'd ever choose for myself, but I'll enjoy using these pretty fabrics in a scrap project sooner or later.  I guess I'd better include this in my stash usage as fabric purchased, even though technically I bought it last year.

Another purchase was this music book from Sheet Music Plus, which has some great songs in it.  I would have killed for this book when I was a teenager and Celtic music was really unfashionable.  There are a thousand songs here, enough to keep me busy for a while.  I'm still playing my recorder, a little better than when I started, but not much.  When I pick it up Dolly is like a cartoon dog, scrabbling for traction in her haste to get out the door and far away.  Nobody appreciates me!

I've been boring Mereth rigid with my talk about getting a digital SLR camera. The thing is, my current point and shoot will take good pictures, if I just take the time to learn to use it properly.  I've been taking photos in manual mode, trying to understand how it all works.  Honestly, if I can't do it with this camera then a more expensive, complicated one isn't going to solve the problem.  I hate being sensible, it's not fun.  But I've promised myself a better camera, if and when I learn how to use the settings properly.  That's an incentive.

In my quest to take a portrait shot of Dolly I've been sittting with her in the back garden trying to get all the conditions right.  The only outcome is that Dolly now puts her ears flat on her head when she sees the camera, and when I make her sit and stay so I can focus on her, she shuffles around until her back is to me.  Silly dog!


The Broke Brunette 5:00 AM  

LOL...that last pic of your pup is fantastic... now that's dog personality if I've ever seen it!

sewprimitive karen 5:22 AM  

That music book looks wonderful. Silly Dolly!

Karen 6:07 AM  

The rectangles for the embroidery quilt is different and very pretty!

Vicki H. 7:28 AM  

I have that music book and I LOVE it. I think you will too. I play violin and then started to play those lovely tunes on my keyboard. Nothing like the traditional music!

julieQ 7:13 PM  

Where's the pretty girl? Dolly is so cute! The embroidery quilt is very pretty you have been quilting on.

Lynley 2:36 AM  

I love Hancocks with a deep and abiding passion - but don't the orders take an age to get to Australia? I don't know who they ship with (carrier pigeon?) but I have always forgotten what I've ordered by the time it gets here. And, sometimes, how much - I got a surprise thirteen yards last November!!! Yay!!!!

Henrietta 10:06 PM  

Sue Hecker from Minneapolis had a wonderful series of camera tips on her blog a while ago. To say she is a talented photographer would be damning with faint praise, she is incredible. Go look

Please give Dolly a head rub and maybe a smoochie.

Mary Johnson 11:44 PM  

I just love brick quilts. I've been cutting some and putting them in a bin for a scrappy version if I can just find some time for piecing.

I don't use the manual settings on my camera very often but I have to say, it takes lovely photos on the auto setting too.

Laura 9:07 AM  

Love that embroidery quilt...very pretty! The music book looks great. Both my piano and all of my music are in the garage and haven't been touched for years :-(. Enjoy those scraps too!

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