Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I usually start off with a comment about how slack I've been not to post, how busy I've been, how I must do better.  But I won't do that today.  Straight into some photos.

 First up, the Honeycomb quilt, two seams away from completion, pinned and waiting patiently by my sewing machine for the last two days.  I will sew one of those seams before I go to work, as Dog is my witness.  Must see progress......

We go round to our brother's place twice a week for a delicious meal cooked by his lovely wife, and some leisurely conversation.  Not so last Tuesday; SIL Bev was worn out, and not feeling the love for her Christmas tree, so after dinner Mereth and I pitched in to help decorate.  It's fun to rummage through different decorations and she has a fantastic collection of baubles. 
We decided on a red/gold theme and that tree was laden in no time. It needs more work, but we will do that after dinner on Friday. I hate to say my DB sat in a chair and rolled his eyes at our efforts; Christmas Spirit, he haz none.

I will get some good pictures of Bev's Christmas village next time, it's extensive and has lights and two trains, and snow and everything; magical!

We went down to visit Mereth's firstborn son, and went to a few places, no time to tell about that now.  Suffice to say there was fabric acquisition.  Remember when I tried so hard not to buy blue/green/acqua fabrics to finish this quilt?  I snapped, after two years I'm still harbouring a longing for these colours.  I can feel a batik stash coming on.

 These are my usual choices, pink and brown and shirtings, with a bit of green thrown in for luck.

 Notice the dog on the floor?  Faithful girl, always underfoot.  I think she does it to annoy me, so that I take her to the park.

And that seam is sewn, ready to be ironed when I get back from work.  I'm even closer to having a finished project!!


Meggie 10:51 PM  

Damn, not sure if it just my computer, but most of your pics did not come out? Would love to see the tree.

ButtonMad 3:43 AM  

Your tree looks lovely - so festive - Merry Christmas!

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