Saturday, December 10, 2011

Last Friday Mereth and I went down to Adelaide to spend the night with John and Liz.  We picked up her new computer from the warehouse, and then off we went to have tea at a sushi place in the city.

  Mereth is terribly picky about food, so I don't think she enjoyed it as much, but I loved it.  The plates were colour coded, so you could tell how much each one cost, and there was a photo menu to consult so you had some idea of what each plate contained.  The problem was, the contents of some of the plates bore no resmemblance to the photos in the menu!  Mereth liked the deepfried chicken strips, but you might as well be at KFC for those.
These trout and avocado rolls were very nice, but I honestly don't know what else I ate; not a lot of it was identifiable.  All nice though, and I can't wait to take DD Seonaid there.

Not touching these baby squid though.
No-one else seemed particularly keen to try them either.
Next morning we were off to an orchard, as the cherry harvest is in full swing.

I've never been a big fan of supermarket cherries, way too expensive and not much flavour.  They are very different when picked straight off the tree; I'm a big fan now.

We had a very good Devonshire Tea, with scones that were almost as good as Mereth's (she makes the best scones ever!)
It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning, and it got even better when John obligingly detoured to Tricia's Fabrics.  And Officeworks after that.  We're easily thrilled.

The time is rushing by so quickly, two weeks till Christmas!  I'm fussing around with decorations today, it's always nice to have Christmas things all through the house.  Though I only have one room, which makes it easier!

This is Bev's Christmas Village, which she assembles every year.
She began it when her granchildren were tiny, and 20 years later she has a wonderful collection.  It's lovely to study it and see all the little characters shopping, chatting, shovelling snow, sledding, welcoming guests, carolling.

With all the fuss of moving over here and renovating, there wasn't time to add anything new this year, but we have a trip planned to the Christmas Shop in Adelaide, where no doubt Mereth and I will be tempted to start our own little Christmas kingdom.


Cathy Hetzel 6:26 PM  

What a great time you had in Adelaide....the Christmas village is just beautiful....

sewprimitive karen 3:01 AM  

What a nice visit and good food, all except for that sushi visit: I'm with Mereth on that :-)!

Diane-crewe 9:47 AM  

sounds as if you had a great time xx

Seonaid Emmerson 5:53 AM  

Ak! Yess please I want to go and eat my body weight in chinese and or sushi! I'm so fat since moving here!! Can't wait to be moving into the city and see you more.

Henrietta 10:08 PM  

What on earth is that on the trees? Some kind of bird netting? Fascinating!

Merry Christmas

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