Monday, May 07, 2012

 I'm at that annoying stage of needing to choose the sashing for these blocks, and not knowing exactly what I want.  I must have tried  20 different fabrics, and none of them jump out and say 'I'm the ONE!'  I'll just have to be patient and keep trying, because somewhere along the line I'll find the perfect colour and print, and the quilt will be the better for it.  It's just irritating not to be able to wrap it all up right now.

For a bit of easy sewing I've been making these scrap blocks from my mountains of 2.5" scraps.  They are fun and easy, and good leader enders.  I'm getting sick of the same scraps showing up again and again though, so I think I'll empty them all into a bag and sell them on Ebay.  Then I can start again with new fabric.  Is that a weird way to think?

It's my favourite time of year, nearly Mother's Day!  That means crysanthemums in the shops, and I've already added 7 to my collection.  I have about 12 blooming from the ones I bought last year, so it's Flower City here.  I love them so much, I can't resist the new ones.  Next on my agenda is to build a garden bed so I can plant them all out, and they can grow as big as they like instead of being confined to pots.

The last customer quilt was so pale, the one on the frame now is exactly the opposite.  What an explosion of colour in this poppy quilt, it's gorgeous. 
 I'm just glad the owner didn't want custom, I have no idea what I'd do on this.  I'm still awfully busy, so it's great to be able to set a panto stitching and then get back to work on the computer.  I do like being able to multi-task like that, but my idea of luxury right now is being able to concentrate on one thing only, until it's done.
Actually, there is one thing I can do on it's own, Dolly reminds me; "Take me for a Walk!"


Diane-crewe 1:03 AM  

how could you ignore THAT look! very familiar here! lol x have you thought of maybe going with a blue sashing ? Have fun x

Jenni 8:52 PM  

Yes blue sounds like a good idea. Poor Dolly - I know that look that says "i haven't been walked (or fed) for 2 whole years! Take me NOW"

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