Sunday, May 27, 2012

I had a productive weekend, certainly dealt with that pesky drawer of strips!

There's a few strips left, that I know I want to use in other projects, but all the rest was chopped up and will become leader-enders for the forseeable future. It's a good feeling to know those bits that have lingered on for years are finally going to be used for something.

I sorted them into colours first, making a pile of all the dingy and muted ones that I seem to pass over every time;
I cut them into 8.5" rectangles, and they will be sewn into Roman Stripe blocks; there aren't enough to make a quilt, but they can bide their time in the block drawer.  I'm sure I will collect more dull fabrics to add to them.

There was a bunch of red and cream strips, and I decided to cut them into 6.5" rectangles;
they can be part of these sort of blocks, framing a ninepatch,

or they can be sashing for small blocks; if I wanted to I could make Rail Fence blocks with them.  I'll decide later, but for now, they are out of the drawer.

I consulted Mereth's Tutorial for cutting 9 patches, and then cut up all my dark blue, dark green and shirting scraps into 9 patches. 
I know I will find a setting for these blocks later, I can use them as simple nine-patches, or build a more complex block around them.  They will make great leader-enders while I decide what to do next.

The bulk of the strips were cut into 4.5" rectangles,

and I have plans for a quilt that Mereth designed, Doors and Windows.   (Instrutions here)  It's a lovely simple block, I'm looking forward to combining the colours.

Now I just have to tackle the 1.5" strip drawer!


julieQ 6:58 AM  

Looks like
you are making amazing progress to me!!! I am cleaning our my 2 inch drawer at the present time...feels good to get all these pieces used up!

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