Monday, May 28, 2012

 I've made more progress on these blocks, I'm up to 36 now, I've sewn more since I took this photo.  They go together really quickly once the HST are made.  I've been making the triangles in sets of two, and making lots of these units.  The block is just four of these, rotated so that the lights and darks alternate.

To make sure the seam allowances all nest nest together, in the blocks themselves and in adjoining blocks, I always lay out the pieces for each unit the same way, with the dark square in the top left corner.  When I press the seam allowances I press the first seams towards the squares, and twirl the centre insection once the two halves are sewn together.
 It doesn't mattern which way these units are rotated, the seam intersections will nest together, so long as you make them all identically.

Four units make a block.

You can see how the seam allowances swirl at all the intersections.
The final block looks like this on the back; I like to press the seams on my HSTs open, but this pressing scheme works even if they are ironed to one side.  I love it when  blocks go together nicely, I hate having to mash seam allowances together in a big lump.

Once I put the blocks together I will be dealing with pinwheels formed by the intersections of all those triangles.  I'm not going to worry too much about making them meet exactly; I don't have time to be unpicking things on a scrap quilt like this.


julieQ 11:24 AM  

These are wonderful your swirled centers!

lj_cox 11:35 AM  

I was pondering how this quilt had to go together from the earlier picture on Saturday. Thanks so much for the additional details (I was right in my theorizing, yay!)

It's a beauty; this pattern goes in my idea box, definitely. How big are the squares on yours, if you don't mind me asking?

Kerri 10:53 AM  

Love the look!!

One Minnesota Quilter 4:50 PM  

Wonderful scrappy quilt. Thank you for posting your steps with such clear pictures. :)


Jenni 9:17 PM  

The precision! Nice to see it all fit together so nicely, and of course it looks great too.

Tamera 4:32 PM  

What a lovely quilt!

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