Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's been a busy week, but I have at least finished the Road to Oklahoma top, so I feel like I've achieved something in the sewing room. 

I ended up making it smaller than I had planned, because I wasn't feeling the love for the colour scheme.  It's another pink/green/red/brown/blue scrap quilt, and what I want to be working on is something with a controlled pallette; pink and green, blue and brown, red and blue, green/blue/white. 
Not a mish mash of every colour.  In the usual fashion, I ended up using my leader-ender project as the main one, and my real project as the leader-ender.  That worked out well however, as I had to make a bunch of HSTs for the real project, which worked better as spacers between the seam for the Road blocks.

I was so good last night, and before I started sewing on the next project I took the time to package and label all the leftovers from this one.  The squares and HSTs can just go into the existing box, as they  are standard  in many designs, but these chisel shapes are more unusual, so they can live in the leftovers box until I need that shape again.  I hope I can keep on organising and labelling, it makes it so much easier to stay in control.

The other project I'm working on is a basket design, I made the trial block 6 years ago, and it's been biding it's time ever since.  I should have some progress on that to show tomorrow.
There are other designs I want to make that have waited even longer, and I think I'll have a marathon cutting session soon; when the hot weather arrives I want to be stitching on all my kitted projects in the air-conditioned shed, not trying to cut out pieces in the sweltering heat of the hall.  If I have 4 or 5 project boxes full of pre-cut pieces I'll be a happy camper.
Ooh Look!  I left myself a note in this kit; now I don't have to count them again. 
This will be pure pleasure to stitch, because I made all the decisions years ago.  I just have to sew this lot up and add the setting squares.

I really want to make a red, blue and white quilt, I've been putting it to the back of the queue for so long that it's become a priority.  I'm thinking a Log Cabin variation, or maybe these Cracker blocks could be it.

Or maybe this Double Irish Chain, love that yellow-green setting fabric.
 I'll have a think about it, while I'm cutting pieces for a small Fox and Geese. 

This sample block is over 8 years old, so I will enjoy making it, and being able to use the piece of fabric earmarked for the sashing. 

I've gone back to using the ends of strips as leader-enders.  It's too much organisation to work on  two projects at once, so I'll just keep making these random length strips and sew them into something later. 
And finally a picture of my hydrangeas early this morning.  They're looking beautful, such a showy flower.  Every time I see them I think of the lovely friend who grew these from cuttings for me.


Sue SA 2:48 PM  

What a lovely lot of show and tell. The finished top looks nice, but I have to agree with you, I enjoy making colour controlled quilts more! The blue and white blocks are lovely, but I am a sucker for purple and green!

Mary Johnson 3:49 PM  

I love the mishmash of colors in this quilt!

Mary Johnson 3:50 PM  

I love the mishmash of colors in this quilt!

Diane-crewe 7:14 PM  

you HAVE been busy .. now me I LOVE a scrappy quilt xx

Karen 12:09 AM  

The Cracker blocks look oh so interesting. I should have kept test blocks for future inspiration. I gave some away a while back.

Tanya 7:41 AM  

what a lot of inspiration you have given me, i have so many quilts in mind that i dont know where to start. But cutting and kitting up for future sewing sessions is a wonderful idea, and im with Diane i LOVE a scrappy quilt :)

Diane 10:59 AM  

What fun! I love looking at all of your blocks and kits. Such inspiration! :)

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