Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Road to Oklahoma blocks are multiplying nicely, they go together very quickly even as leader-enders.  I ended up discarding the apricot backgrounds, I don't really like that colour. Why did I think sewing that material into blocks would make me like it more; I don't, and it was making me dislike the whole project.  It's much better now, I like the green accents so I'm going to add more of those.  I'm up to 38 blocks, only 34 to go.

 This DVD set of Foyle's War was great value,($76 from JB HiFi),  there are about 35 hours of viewing here .
It's not that I get bored while I'm sewing, but it's nice to have the TV on and it gives me an incentive to keep going; I often sew a bit more while I wait for the episode to finish.
And because the Road to Oklahoma blocks aren't going to last long, I'm thinking about the next UFO to work on.  These 16-patches are overdue for a finish, so they'll be on the design wall next.

There's so much to do in the garden, and when it's really hot it's discouraging to see favourite plants struggling.  Every year I mutter that I have to cut down the size of the garden, but it's such a joy when things are flowering and there's perfume in the air, and ripe strawberries for the picking.  I'm trying to get the pots ready for the heat, which includes saucers under them to hold water, and straw mulch to stop evaporation.  If there are a lot of smaller pots I stand them all in one large shallow container, which is easy to fill and cuts down watering time and there's no loss of water.   Some plants I put in a bucket of coir mulch, which helps keep the roots cool, and again is easy to water.

I have to replace soaker hoses in the garden beds, put shadecloth structures over them and spread more straw around, and then I think I'm done.  I'll just have to keep the water up to everything over the summer, and keep my fingers crossed that everything survives.  This is a tough climate, but I don't think I'd handle snow or floods very well either; no place has perfect weather, so I'll just make the best of where I am.


Jan 10:59 AM  

Peach would be a tough color for me to include, too. It was a hot color in the 80's, and my parent's bedroom was in peach. It was fine then, but didn't age well.
Cooler days here, and we've had a pretty autumn. I love all seasons, which is a good thing, since I live in the Midwest.

Sue SA 1:49 PM  

I painted my bedroom apricot when I was a teenager but I must say I haven't fallen out of love with it so much as I just don't seem to "see" that colour in the shop, when buying fabrics. My stash hasn't been collected for as long as yours! Still I did buy some very strong coral tones in reproduction fabrics earlier over winter.

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