Saturday, November 23, 2013

Puppy cam

It was a bit hypocritical of me, sniffling over the lovely fabric I've missed out on, when I certainly haven't denied myself new fabric completely.  In fact, the last few weeks have seen several visits to local patchwork shops, with the usual resulting purchases, plus a buy-up on Hancocks.  That was mainly because I just can't get the cream fabric I want here, and I'm really truly running out of all my favourites in the stash. 

There was no excuse for these, just an impulse buy.
But I do adore the blue florals in the Love collection.  If I can come up with a worthwhile project I might make them a Christmas present to myself.
A local shop is closing down, and we grabbed some fabric that was reasonably cheap.  Looks like I've got the border for my next plaid quilt taken care of....
and the batik collection slowly grows.
It's all a mixed bag, but it will be useful; no Stars among these fabrics, just good supporting roles.

I've been mucking about trying to get a little video of the pups loaded, and it's taken ages.  I have to convert them first, which involved tracking down suitable software, and then learn how to put them on Youtube which took ages.  Somehow my son has linked his channel with mine, so I made another channel. but blogger won't recognise it.....balh blah blah.  I'm too old to learn this stuff easily, but I'll keep trying. 
This video is now about a week old, so the pups have turned into energetic, scampering bundles since then.  More videos to come.


julieQ 5:34 PM  

I love those pretty blues too...yum! Glad you had a great shopping trip. Your babies are darling!

Sandy 4:41 PM  

You can never have enough neutrals or shirtings. Or beautiful florals. Or blenders. Or.... need I say more?

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