Friday, October 31, 2014

I still haven't been able to do any sewing; the lack of it is bad for my mental health.  I might get grumpy if I don't get the borders on that quilt soon!

This is the piece of fabric I want to use as borders, damped down and wrapped in a bag ready to iron.  It's been waiting 36 hours for me to get to it, if I don't hurry up it will either be dry or mouldy.

Let's not mention the fabric waiting to be put away, and scraps needing to be sorted.  My room is in upheaval.
I just can't find the time to do it all.

I've been quilting in every available spare moment, a rush order for one of our favourite customers; she needs a quilt as a gift for a friend, and her trip to Sydney won't take place until the quilt is finished.  So I've been working on it, and two small quilts, for the last few days.  We bind her quilts as well, so it's not just a simple quilting job, and I had another binding job to do on a big quilt; I've been in the workroom under a mountain of quilt, and it's a good thing the AC is working well.  It will have a hissy fit when the temperature gets into the 40s, but for now it's doing it's job.

Dolly has been lying in a comfy chair the whole time, keeping an eye on me as I work, and asking to go for walks, but there was no time for that.  Last night I'd had enough, and we went to Port Broughton for some R&R.  It was a lovely evening, with the tide in, and both dogs got wet and had a wonderful time.

We were content to walk along the beach and enjoy the peace and tangy salt-sea air.  It was just what I needed to wind down after a work day.

Today I need to finish the bindings on the small quilts, pick up Pippi so I can have her while Mereth  goes to Adelaide for a grandson's 4th birthday (4 already!!), get everything assembled for DB so he can finish the screen door installation, then go round his place for tea.  He'll be here early to get to work, so I'd better get a good night's sleep.  That's my day mapped out.

Is anybody else sick of being told  "Sitting is the new smoking"?  What is that supposed to mean?  Am I supposed to feel guilty because I sit down to sew or work on the computer; and, if it cuts years off your life, how come the average life-span is increasing?  Scientists need to find something else to obsess about.  Also, I'm told I MUST sleep at least 7 hours a night, or my brain will react like a drunk teenager and I'll die sooner;  great, now I have to sleep a third of my life, and the other two thirds I have to stand up.  Excuse me if I'm not charmed by that thought.  (Oooooh, I am grumpy today....)


Nancy 2:44 PM  

You can put the damp fabric in the refrigerator or freezer give yourself a little longer to iron it. It will eventually mildew in the refrigerator but not so quickly as when left out in the heat. If you freeze it you'll need to let it thaw just a little while to be able to unfold it.

You have some beautiful fabrics. I love that green stripe in the 2nd photo and the fabric underneath it (blue with red dot and light background) and the one above the green strip (pale with light blue leaves/sprigs with red tips). And the brown is lovely, too.

I keep forgetting that as we in North America move into winter, there are still some in the world who are suffering through awful heat. I hope your air conditioner keeps up.

I hadn't heard about the problems with sitting and the quantity of sleep needed, but I chuckled at the way you put it: sleep a third of your life and stand up the other two thirds. You put it so succinctly.

Kate 6:46 PM  

Haha yes you have put it well...with your schedule, interests, work ethic, dogs to run after I think you will be ok...:)

Dasha 9:16 PM  

No worries about you sitting still too long. I get tired just reading about it. LOL
Hope you get some sewing time for yourself soon.

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