Sunday, October 05, 2014

Thanks for all the suggestions for naming my block; I've decided to call it Homestead Star.  The house shapes are like the simple settler cottages dotted over our landscapes, many with a windmill close by, and the weathervane reference makes me think of our Southern Cross windmills.  And that reminds me of the Southern Cross in our night skies; so there you go, block and quilt named.
It's a long weekend here, and I spent yesterday working in the garden and stayed up sewing till 2am.  I really wanted the borders on the Basket quilt and the Homestead Star finished, so I just kept going until they were done.

(Why is this picture sideways?  It's the right way up in the editing software.... )

The Homestead Star borders took ages, there are 16 strips to sew into sets of four, and then I had to attach them and mitre the corners. 
I like the end result, and that paisley was just right for the borders, I'm glad I decided to use it.
The little triangles around the basket quilt were tedious and I didn't enjoy making them fit, but I think they look pretty marvelous.  It was worth the fuss and bother, but I'm very, very glad to see it finished.

I spent today babysitting great-niece Isobel, so I didn't get any work or sewing or gardening done;  it's 9pm and I'm about to get a cup of coffee and consult the UFO list, so I can choose another project to complete.  Only 19 left......

Our trip to Broughton on Thursday was wonderful; all the dogs enjoyed themselves on the beach, it was very exciting as the sun went down and the tide came in.  It's lovely to see them all interacting with each other and getting on so well.  Dogs need a lot of doggy friends for a well-balanced life.
The sunset was spectacular, as was an enormous pile of fish and chips that the 8 of us demolished happily.
The only flaw in the outing was how cold it was, the day had been so hot that we forgot to take jackets with us.  We won't make that mistake again.


Karen 11:00 PM  

You came up with a creative and fitting name for your block.
In the Kodak photo software I use, I have the option of rotating and saving the photo separate from where you would select to edit for cropping. You can also rotate in the cropping part of the program. If I rotate the picture first and save and then go to the cropping area of the program, the picture stays the direction I want on my blog. If I rotate while I am cropping, it turns out sideways on my blog. Why, I don't know.

Sandy 5:29 AM  

Love the paisley - I think it's perfect. And I agree about the triangles on the basket quilt. That kind do detail reLly makes the quilt.

Sue SA 6:51 AM  

Both quilts look fantastic, so glad you did use the paisley print too. Think fish and chips at the beach with dogs is a great activity you might need to make a tradition! Love long weekends, wish I was able to stay up sewing to 2 am too.

Brenda 7:53 AM  

The paisley is perfect. Love your beach photos.

debi 6:25 PM  

I've never seen the border quite like that - with the paisley separated by another border - great idea. Hope I remember it :)

Nancy 2:19 PM  

I love the quadruple border on your Homestead Stars quilt. Together they make a perfect finish for a beautiful quilt.

About it being turned sideways.... Go to your photo editing software, open the photo, and see if you need to save it. That may not be the problem but sometimes I find I've made a slight change to a photo then didn't save it with the changes.

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