Thursday, October 02, 2014

I can't find my block in Blockbase, so I guess I'll have to give it a name.  The closest is Weathervane,

(I nicked this photo from here if anyone is interested in Ruby Short McKim designs, there's 25 of them...)

but mine has the nine-patch in the centre, surrounded by a half inch border.  I'm trying to think of something clever and appropriate to call it, but I'm not feeling particularly clever right now.  It might have to be the red/blue/brown quilt for a while yet.
The paisley fabric won, I decided it was prefectly acceptable and that I really can't afford the time to go to the patchwork shop.  I tracked down some aqua fabric from the Park Avenue range, even had it in the shopping cart and was about to press the button, when I came to my senses.  It wasn't the fabric I loved, I would have to wait weeks for it, and I could be sewing on borders within minutes if I just went with the paisley.  So I did.

I don't think I like being sensible, it's no fun, but it's a lot more convenient at times.

There's so much to do in the garden, and it's the school holidays; that means we try and spend more time with schoolteacher John and his family.  The travelling in and out adds at least an hour to every visit, it's a nice drive but not when we're budgeting our time, trying to get everything done before the hot weather.  Spring is a busy time for us gardeners.

Today we're going in for a visit, then driving to Port Broughton with some other people for a walk on the beach ( 5 dogs) and then fish and chips all round.  The lady at the cafe has been giving us buttered bread for the dogs lately, that's sweet and they appreciate it.  They're as ravenous as the seagulls after a romp on the beach.  So are we.

Back later, hopefully with progress photos on those borders....


Dasha 5:26 PM  

I have loved that quilt every time you have posted about it! Love the block, love the colours. Sorry, I can't help you with a name. My quilt names seem to just appear in my brain out of no where, and I'm sure it is the act of actually playing with the quilt and the fabrics which brings the name forth. My only suggestion is the floral fabrics. Can you fashion a name from that? Something like Vane Roses? But that sounds silly - you will just have to fiddle with the fabric and some words to come up with something. Good luck!

Gypsy Quilter 11:53 PM  

How about, Windmills, Windy ways, Windmill City, Windmills over the harbor on a sunny day, or perhaps Florabunda. I imagine there is a much more inventive original Australian name that comes to mind. Something to do with an original colony perhaps. You guys have such cool names for things when I listened to Bill Bryson's book, "A Sunburned Country".

Love the paisley, it's perfect. And by the time this is quilted, you'll forget ever having worried about the border fabric.

As always, thanks for sharing.

Gretchen Weaver 1:41 AM  

This is so pretty, it is worth all the work!

Sorry, I can't help with a catchy name. I'd probably just call it Weathervane Variation.

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